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Re: Delayed Appliance Orders

Hi, I also have an extremely terrible and frustrating experience with Best Buy appliance order. I purchased a gas range on Black Friday and it was supposed to be delivered, installed and old one hauled away on 12/15/21. It came damaged, so they never installed it. However, they next appointment for installation was 1/12/22... almost a month after the original date! I talked to many representatives to get an early date, but noone was able to help me after probably 100 hours on the phone. Alas, they delivered the new range but NO ONE showed up for the gas installation. The company never contacted me to notify me of delays nor that they will not show up. I had to call Best Buy again and tell them that noone showed up, and the next installation appointment is on 1/28/22, 16 days later! This is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS and UNACCEPTABLE for a company as large as Best Buy. I am also paying for the total tech membership. Why am I paying for this membership if I do not have ANY customer service that can help me at all???? 


Please someone help expedite my installation.

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Re: Delayed Appliance Orders

Hey April,

I am still completly frustrated and not satisfied wiht hetesponse from Best Buy. This forum and message board feels like being sent to the cry room in the back of church.

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Re: Delayed Appliance Orders

The delivery scheduling customer service is nonexistent. I was schedule for a dryer delivery this past Tuesday. Had someone waiting for 6 hours for delivery and installation and they never showed. I called after 6 only to learn they weren’t coming at all.

Had the installation rescheduled for today. The person at Best Buy that set the appointment only scheduled delivery to the driveway not installation!!!! Although my receipts showed inhome installation and haul away of the bad unit the delivery people refused. Called backed to customer service and was told there was nothing they could do but reschedule it for a third time on Saturday. Once again I have to waste an afternoon for something that was not my error. This after buying a refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, and microwave from Best Buy!!! I have never been so disgusted with the lack of a response
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Re: Delayed Appliance Orders

Hey, Laurie1636,


I appreciate you reaching out again. I assure you that we are more than happy to help. As discussed in our previous conversation, due to our Privacy Policy, please have the purchaser reach out to us to get this rescheduled. 


Thank you again for being a part of the Community Forums.




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Purchased Thermador range on 02/07/2021, many postpone, now push to Sept, 2022. what's going on?

I Purchased Thermador range on 02/07/2021, many postpone, now push to Sept, 2022. what's going on?


I post couple of message here, no boday tried to give me an real explanation or solve my problem.


I could understand that it needs more than one and half year to build a range, Best Buy, please take care your customer,

and help to address this case.



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Re: Delayed Appliance Orders

I purchased oven in store in July 5. As of today (1/16) I'm told don't expect it until March. 9 months?....

I called "Best buy" and they said this is was a KitchenAid problem. I called KitchenAid and they said it was a BestBuy problem. I called the credit card co (I'm making payments in this ghost appliance and they said this was a Best Buy problem.

I understand supply chain issues.
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Re: Delayed Appliance Orders

I must add my voice to what seems a common experience. Our microwave died on December 28 and we ordered a replacement at our local Best Buy. We SPECIFICALLY asked for one that was in stock, the sales rep went through the display models checking each one, and were SPECIFICALLY assured this Samsung model was in stock and could be installed a few days later.


Like others on the thread, I found the resulting contact style utterly appalling. We get a phone call the day before from the 3rd party installer confirming the appointment. We get email (no phone call) from Best Buy simply telling us we need to make an appointment - but we already have one! The installation window comes and goes, we call the installer and they tell us that you couldn't deliver the appliance to their local warehouse. We contact Best Buy and get another installation date, then repeat the experience the day before that appointment - because by now we know what "you need to make an appointment" means - and get another date.


Now, for the third time, tomorrow's installation was canceled via a text telling us we need to make an appointment, ONE HOUR after the appointment was confirmed by a phone call. Again you couldn't get one to the warehouse. We are furious and have canceled the order. We'll buy one from a local store that can keep its promises.


We understand supply issues are not fully under your control, but your handling of them is defective, to say the least.


2. Don't send us email and text messages saying we need to make an appointment, because we DID make an appointment. Tell your programmers to word the messages to make it clear that there is a problem.

3. Tell your third party installer that the appliance was unavailable as soon as you know. I called them myself; if I hadn't, they would have arrived at the warehouse at 4am for the THIRD time, and ended up with an idle crew for the morning.

4. You will have had our money for weeks by the time our refund is posted. I think more compensation than a simple refund is called for.


Best Buy has lost another customer for good.

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Re: Delayed Appliance Orders

We ordered a washer and dryer earlier this week that was set up for delivery earlier today. Here's the time line (I have call logs and texts for all):

Initial delivery window: January 19, 2022 between noon and 8pm.

Updated delivery window: 2:30-6:30pm

January 19, 2022

3:53pm: I received a call from a delivery person at phone number ***redacted*** saying they would arrive within 20 minutes.

4:54pm: I call that number back identifying myself and asking if they were still on their way. I was told they were called off briefly but would arrive within 30 minutes.

6:30pm: I called him back again. He took a minute to look through his paperwork. He asked if we have burgundy colored doors. I told him ours are white. He then said he was sending me a text while we were talking. I didn't get it as he said he texted the wrong number. I sent him a test text at 6:34pm. He replied with a picture and asked if that was our house. It wasn't. It was a picture of a house at the address of **** 8th Ave N. Our address is **** 8th Ave S. He made a comment under his breath about being given the wrong address and said he'd contact Best Buy and call me back.

6:49pm: I called him again and got his voice mail. I left a message asking him if he had an update and that I expected a call back soon.

7:15pm: I texted him a picture of our house and asked if there was an update.

7:18pm: He replied "Nice house. Yes they should've gotten in contact. I turned in your paperwork."

At that time, I was already on the phone with customer service and was told they couldn't reschedule at that point because it was still showing an active delivery. Rep told me she would contact me the next day. Later tonight I got a text notification from Best Buy that I need to schedule a delivery. We are going shopping elsewhere in the morning and will be canceling this order. This will be the last time we order any appliances from Best Buy. Very disappointed. What a waste of a Saturday.
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Re: Delayed Appliance Orders

Good morning!

Thanks for joining our community here on the Best Buy Forums. As the person who does the laundry for my household, I can understand the importance of having your washer and dryer delivered ASAP. I am happy to look into this situation further to see how I may be able to help!


To start, please send a private message with your full name, phone number, and email address, along with the order number (if you have it). You should be able to do this by clicking the blue button near my signature. 



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Re: Delayed Appliance Orders

Wow,  we have exact same issue.  We ordered the Thermador  combo oven in September 2021 then scheduled for the delivery on March 5th in November 2021.  Just checked the order status today and I don't see March 5th delviery anymore and we never got any notifcations from Best Buy.  We contacted the salesperson and he said it is due to worldwide supply chain issue.  Fine but Best Buy had 4 months (Nov. to Feb) to secure the oven and deliver it on March 5th.  I don't understand how they screwed up their inventory control!!!