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Delayed Appliance Orders

While we do our best to provide accurate shipping and delivery estimates, we may be unable to fulfill your order when expected due to global supply chain issues. This is generally due to a receiving products later than expected from the manufacturer. In this case, our agents will work to reschedule your order to the first available date possible.


While it is unlikely we will be able to locate an earlier appointment for your appliance delivery, please feel free to contact us here on our community forums if you have been unable to receive an update from our phone and chat agents. You can do so by sending us a private message that includes your:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Order number

You can send a private message by clicking on the blue button at the bottom of this post or by clicking on the profile of one of our moderators and selecting “Send this user a private message”


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Your mistake leads to a 3 week delay

I purchased a gas dryer from best buy online on September 7, 2021. The soonest installation and delivery date was Nov 8, 2021. I received a call on Nov 7, 2021 from a best buy employee saying that the installer does not work in my area on Fridays and I needed to reschedule to Nov 12, 2021. I just received a call today, Nov 11, 2021 stating my installation needed to be rescheduled via an automated message and to call customer service. I call customer service and they tell me that the original caller never scheduled the installation for tomorrow and that there is no tech available. They then tell me that the next installation is Nov 30, 2021. I am livid. This is 2 months without the ability to do my laundry if they did actually schedule me for installation this time like they said they would. I am paying for a dryer for 2 months now that I haven't been able to use. Does no one care about this? When I called customer service they talked over me and was rude. I would have never expected this type of customer service from such a good name. I have purchased thousands of dollars worth of products from you and this has made me want to never return. I was planning on getting a whole new kitchen suite from you and now I think I will take my buisness elsewhere. 

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delayed delivery

I purchased a refrigerator on Monday from the Harvey, LA. store.  I chose this model after reviewing your website for availability.  Delivery was set for Friday the 29th.  This morning I received an email stating the refrigerator is out of stock.  I understand the supply chain problem and that you have no control over it.  However, what you do have control of is your inventory system. At last check, the model was STILL listed as currently available.  I chose this model mainly because it was available for quick delivery. I am letting the order stand for now, but I am a very disappointed customer.  I canceled a doctor's appointment and rearranged my schedule for this delivery. 

This is certainly not the customer service I have come to expect from Best Buy.  Again, this is not a supply chain issue but an internal inventory control problem.  I expected better from your company.

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False Advertising 101

I ordered two appliances  - total cost in excess of $4.5k.


Made the purchases solely because the website listed the products as being avaiable for delivery and/or pick up in my specific zip code/area within a couple weeks. As part of the purchase process, scheduled delivery for a specified window on 11/11/21. 


Received an order confirmation email - which included the above agreed delivery date and time.  


Turns out the products are actually not available any time soon (one item is set to be back in stock at the earliest in February)! This was only discovered by a pre-emptive call that I initiated. Otherwise, I would have been sitting at my home on November 11th waiting for my products to be delivered. How do I know this - because the same thing happened with my dishwasher bought through Pacific Sales/Best Buy. Sat at my house for 6 hours during the agreed delivery window (with email confirmation) a couple weeks ago and nothing and no one showed up and not even a phone. Literally ludicrous. 


Hilariously (if I'm being kind), these products are still listed for sale as being available for delivery / pickup in early/mid November. 


This is false advertising.


Best Buy is fully aware that these products are not avaialble for months, yet is luring consumers into making purchases with knowingly false promises of short lead times. It is reprehensible and the type of shady bussiness you might expect from an untrustworthy small dealer, but not a large sophisticated entity such as Best Buy. 


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Best Buy Delivery Delays - Wild Goose Chase (BUYERS BEWARE)

From reading just a few of the forum threads here it has become readily apparent that Best Buy have been leading their paying customers on a wild goose chase. I am no exception. Same story as everyone else. 

1. Go to Best Buy
2. Purchase Appliance
3. Delivery date on XX/XX/XXXX
4. Delivery date arrives, no delivery, no appliance, no message, no phone call
5. Call Best Buy - "Where's my appliance?"
6. Best Buy - "Oh sorry, your appliance didn't arrive yet. It will be here next month, let's reschedule!"
7. Go to Step 4 and repeat.

It's obvious that Best Buy cares little about our time and even less about being truthful and fortcoming. They want your money but won't deliver you your product. They will upsell you on their appliances, get you to buy into their "Beta" program, promise delivery dates which they know they can't meet, and lead you on a wild-goose chase hoping you won't cancel your order and go to a different big box store. 

In short, they will LIE and KEEP LYING to you until you complain loud enough and eventually they try to find someone to "help" you so you shut up. At this point, you can ask a random stranger on the street when your appliance will be delivered and they will have as an accurate of a prediction as a Best Buy representative. 

The only way to get things done is to complain and warn others of their practices. Hopefully when some googles "Best Buy Appliances" they come across this thread and refuse to give Best Buy their money. RUN AWAY PERSON, RUN! Go to literally any other big box store and you will have a better chance at actually receiving what you paid for and not wasting your time. 

How about in the future, you give me my appliance and I will "schedule" a day where I deliver your money. Sound good? "Oh sorry, there was a delay at the bank, I will pay you next month okay?" Repeat ad nauseum. 

Prove me wrong Best Buy. Now insert your generic response so I can give you my info so you can "look" into my case. Here are some SEO optimizations so more people can hopefully see this thread.


P.S.> My username is a tribute to "wheresmyoven", the original user I found on google who made the right decision to cancel his order and go to Lowes after his delivery was delayed for over a YEAR.

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Re: Best Buy Delivery Delays - Wild Goose Chase (BUYERS BEWARE)

I'm flattered!

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Re: Best Buy Delivery Delays - Wild Goose Chase (BUYERS BEWARE)

I should change my handle to "wheresmyoven#2"!

I place an $8,500 order for appliances on July 5, 2021 - and promptly started making the monthly payments. When the truck finally showed up (in September) the oven was missing. ("Sorry, not in stock!") The revised delivery date has slipped thrice since then - the latest "promise" is now Jan 30, 2022!  Over 7 months delay, due to so-called "supply chain" issues (and lack of plannning).  Forget Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years celebratory cooking at my house! 


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Re: Delayed Appliance Orders

Hi, we purchased a refrigerator on 10/28/21 and was supposed to be delivered yesterday. We are without a refrigerator and have 3 kids and buying takeout after purchasing an over 3,000 $ fridge. They never contacted us and after waiting up until late hours they never called. After calling customer service they tell us it says it is in route and no one has contacted us which was wierd and come to find out the store or wherever they picked up the refrigerator never sent it out. They did tell us there was no shortage if this fridge and we would have no issues. So they say there are two different systems to update and one said we have to reschedule but the other says you cannot because it is un route to be delivered. Now until the system updates we cannot reschedule. What the heck do we do. We cannot afford to but food out every meal and no where to out leftovers especially!!!!!
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Delay delivery

I bought a refrigerator last month and was given a date saying it would be delivered this month. I got a confirmation email and also spoke with an agent over the phone stating it will be delivered on a specific date. However, I am now being told there is no product available and it is not known when the product will be available and delivered. I am told the best option would be to cancel and get a similar product. Why is it that I have to cancel something I’ve been waiting for over a month when the same one I bought is available for purchase right now and it says it will be delivered next month. But come to say even that date is not even certain. It is upsetting to purchase a product that is not available but my money is charged and taken out from
My bank. Stop selling products that are being sold but unavailable yet customers are told that they will get it.
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Re: Delay delivery

I've had the same experience.  Everybody understands supply chain issues.  I don't understand why BestBuy would allow its representatives to not be forthright with customers.  Also, I do not understand accepting money for something and then providing different and inconsistent answers when they have not delivered the product they have been paid for.