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Damaged Oven

I purchased a GE - 5.0 Cu. Ft. Freestanding Gas Range - White.

It was to be delivered 6/15.

The delivery came and when I inspected the oven I found a dent on the side; I refused delivery due to the damage.

The delivery person then called BB and I spoke to a woman and was told she would call me on Monday, 6/17.

I asked delivery for 6/17-6/18 or on Saturday, 6/22. I was told that they would have to have receipt of the oven and the gas hose before rescheduling.  I was also told no one works on Sundays; which is ridiculous as most people are off on weekends.  There are no deliveries on Sundays either; how RIDICULOUS as this is when most people are off and don't have to take a day off work. 

I then tried to call customer service who had me on hold for OVER AN HOUR !!!  Eventually I heard a message "no one can answer your call please call back later".   

I then took an UBER to my local store and spoke to a manager who was unable to override the system as the delivery still showed "out for delivery". RIDICULOUS !!  

The store manager sent an "escalation email" to try and override the system and reschedule delivery.  

I came home and finally someone called.  I was told that the delivery person did not "return" the gas hose (the oven was returned) to the warehouse yet and that was holding up the rescheduling process.  I also explained I will be home 6/17-6/18 and would like redelivery at that time. I was told that it probably wouldn't be on those days as the "hose was not returned to the warehouse".   I explained I cannot and will not take a day off work to wait all day for the oven. The person then told me she would call me back; however; she is off on Monday so HOPEFULLY I will hear from someone who can override the sytem and get the oven AND the famous gas hose delivered to me.

This is BB fault; the oven is damaged.  Customer service on the phone is non existent.  The managers or "escalation service" are helpless as they can't override the system.  The delivery person cannot be contacted as no one seems to have their phone number AND as of now the famous gas hose is showing "out for delivery" in the system.   They don't work on Sundays; no delivery on Sundays.  The list goes on.

I was honest with this person and told them that management needs to SERVE the customer and make it convenient and not an ordeal to get an appliance.  There are other options available and competition is always there.

I'm very annoyed and disgusted right now and will cancel this order if BB cannot perform.