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Damaged Fridge, lousy E.R.

Bought a new fridge.  Arrived dented in the truck, but our old unit was disassembled and removed from house.

Food was getting warm so we said finish the delivery and we would consider our options.

Offered options were $50 gift card or ANOTHER replacement.

After spending hours cleaning our floor and the inside/outside of grease, we prefer a rebate, since the delivery was terrible stressful.

Right now, we can buy THIS unit (open box, damaged) from BB for $345 less than the new one we thought we bought.

Losing MORE food and time and aggravation is NOT our first choice.

The $$$ BB will lose sending another unit and crew, plus our time is not in my request.  I am just asking to pay a fair price for a damaged fridge.

The link below shows a price for a NEW or slightly damaged unit, both at BB.  Since we actually received the latter, why should we pay full price, even with a $50 gift card?

Dave @ BB told us the broken ice maker is also a problem for us - replace the fridge is better than days or weeks to get a repair initiated.

We did not pay with gift cards, our partially refunded pull price should be credit returned to our card.  Why should BB get the benefit of us buying more from them?

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Re: Damaged Fridge, lousy E.R.

It would be nice if it was EASY to find a corporate contact to let the business know the damage caused to Customer Relations by lousy service. Promises of calls that never happen, coercion for a solution NOT wanted are terrible to Customer Retention.
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Re: Damaged Fridge, lousy E.R.

I 'replied' to myself, to add a question about finding a corporate contact.

Best Buy asked if MY reply answered my question:


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Best Buy does NOT appear to care AT ALL about how this is damaging their reputation.  Why is Best Buy NOT responding in any way to me?

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Re: Damaged Fridge, lousy E.R.

Hello madnessinc, 


I do apologize that it has taken some time for a response to come through. We do answer all of our customer posts in the order they are received. I'd be happy to look further into the issue you have explained here. Please send me a private message using the link in my signature below, and include your full name, phone number, and email address. 



Natalie|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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