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Damage during Delivery - Sedgwick Claim Process HORRIBLE - Now Being Harassed by Contractor

I had a new washer dryer purchased and exchanged.  Best Buy sent delivery people to do the return and exchange and during the process they damaged my tile floors.  I immediately called Best Buy and they referred me to Sedgwick claims which is what appears the norm.  Sedwick opens the claim and it sits.  Sedwick doesn't call, doesn't respond to emails, and then when you try to call them, they don't answer and you can't leave a voicemail for them since their voicemail boxes are always full.  I finally was able to get a hold of someone, who referred my claim to another Sedwick person.  Sedwick decides to refer my claim back to the contracting company responsible for the damage.  They don't respond and when they finally do, they have the guy who CAUSED the damage call me.  WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT to start a confrontation?  I called Sedgwick back and said I didn't find that acceptable.  We are now at the two month point and yesterday, this has escalated to the point where I feel like action should be taken beyond this claims process.  Sedgwick is supposed to be helping me resolve this claim.  I was in touch with Sedwick via email and the last thing I was told was get a quote.  I then heard from the contracting compamuy who asked about the repairs and he went back and forth with me on the email offering to send a contractor to my house, asking my availaboility. I, in good faith, agreed to be available this week.  I agree to a time, he provided me the name of a contractor and said he would call me tomorrow (yesterday) and that he would be coming to my house to provide me a quote.  Yesterday, the individual, who I believed, based on those emails, was a contractor coming to give me a quote, called identifying himself as "Best Buy" and said he was on his way.   Based on my understanding and good faith effort to resolve this, I allowed him access. Once in side, he wasn't taking measurements and instead started questioning me as to how I had before and after photos, and how this damage could've of occurred.  Then I asked him, is your name "Jesus"?  The name provided in the email?  At which point, he said "No" and he proceeded to say he didn't know who that was and didn't even know anything about a contractor.  Come to find out, it was the SAME GUY WHO DELIVERED AND DAMAGED MY FLOOR WHO WAS BACK IN MY HOME!!!!!  At this point, he had lifted, rattled and moved my new LG as well so now maybe he damaged my existing laundry to spite me.   This is completely UNACCEPTABLE and almost criminal behavior. He was trespassing under false pretenses.  I let him into my home based on the understanding that he was a contractor scheduled to give me an estimate.  The entire thing was a set up.  I thereafter immediately called the company, which by the way is CTSI - got the manager on the phone who set this whole thing up and asked where is this so called contractor named Jesus, and he had no answer.  The guy never showed up, it was a complete false, fake story.   


It is beyond my comprehension that a company like Best Buy is in business with a company like this.  This situation could have escalated to something much worse. It's clear that this company was purposefullly doing this to scare, intimiate me because they do not want to take responsibility for their damages.  Which by the way does not amount to that much.  This can be resolved very quickly and simply but they have not created a much bigger situation.  And Sedgwick is completely useless.  I have email evidence of all of these shenanigans by this third party contractor. And of the non-response of Sedgwick.  And it's clear from reading these messages that I am not the only person experiencing issues with Sedgwick.


Best Buy is responsible for my damages.  It should not be this hard to get somethig so simple resolves.  ANd I should not have to endure threatening and be in fear of these crazy contractor and delivery people trying to access my home under the guise of being Best Buy employees.  



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Re: Damage during Delivery - Sedgwick Claim Process HORRIBLE - Now Being Harassed by Contractor


Welcome to Best Buy's online community. It is disappointing to learn that you are reaching out to our team because of damaged performed to your home on a recent exchange of appliances. After recently, updating my bathroom and seeing the final project come to life, I can understand how upsetting it must be to find out that your tile was damaged in the process of the exchange.

Our support representatives are trained to understand when a customer's situation needs to be referred to Sedgwick Claims Management Services. Sedgwick is the insurance company that underwrites Best Buy claims for property damage. In areas where there are limited resources, it is common that the customer continues to work with the same 3rd party company that performed the original delivery. However, this does not mean that the company should lead you to believe that another representative will be working with you. I believe that that 3rd party company could have done a better job in letting you know who was going to evaluate the damage. 


I will be happy to see how I can help. When you get a moment, please send me your name, email address, and phone number through a private message. To send the message, log into the forum and selecting the option from my signature. 


Thank you,

Karina|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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