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DAMAGED PROPERTY-Sedgwick hasn’t responded SINCE August, 2018

So glad I came to this forum. Clearly BB hasn’t caught onto the scam their insurance company is running. I’ve had a claim number since August and no one will answer the Sedgwick phones and they don’t have voice mail boxes. I’ve been told by BB the situation has been escalated but even their attempts to receive information on the status of my claim, go ignored. I've also been told by BestBuy that the situation is out of their hands, once I receive a claim number. 


My wife was on this forum back in August and the moderators didn't like some of her honesty so some of her posts were removed. That's really not fair considering this is a forum of consumers trying to help and inform others on their experience with BestBuy. I realize they're trying to help with regard to Sedgwick, but the truth is in the emails that I have copies of, stating that there's nothing further that BestBuy can do. 


While BestBuy has replaced the damaged 30” wide refrigerator (thank you for that) that their install company destroyed, dragging it across the pavers in my front walkway, and stuffing it through my 30” wide doorway (with 1/2’ molding, which was removed by the refrigerator itself, taking the hydraulic arm and hinges to the storm door with it, and gouging out the solid wood front door) Their insurance company Sedgwick is just hoping I will go away if they ignore me long enough. 


Just dropping a line to let you know, I've been politely patient and quiet. Reading the posts in this forum which are hauntingly familiar is an absolute OUTRAGE and I'm no longer in the mood to be quiet.


I have a video of the install from the walkway to the kitchen would love to share but this forum doesn't make that easy to do. 


Come on BestBuy. If my insurance company neglected my customers this way, I can assure you, they wouldn't be my insurance company. Regardless of what they do right or wrong, either way, they're representing BestBuy. And because of Sedgwick, you've lost a very loyal commercial and residential customer. 

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Re: DAMAGED PROPERTY-Sedgwick hasn’t responded SINCE August, 2018

Hello there, Jeffenpunlcorp,

I’m not entirely sure why you haven’t heard back from our support team if they’ve provided you the claim ID number, but I’m definitely wanting to make sure your claim is responded to.  I’m going to need some additional information from you to begin, and I’m grateful you’re allowing me the opportunity to help out, here on the Best Buy forums!


Because I’m not looking to belabor the point that you’re already knowing that Best Buy really can’t do much to assist, I’m wanting to make sure their team is contacted with your information, with the hope of a response to you and us.  We would never want our customer’s to be left wondering what is going on, and I’m looking forward to directing this to the proper support team to be seen.


I know you’ve stated that your wife reached out to us, and I’m wanting to make sure our Privacy Policy is being upheld, but please have the person who’s on the orders and the claim ID send me a private message with their full name, phone number, email address, and claim ID number.  Click the blue button in my signature line below to send the private message.

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