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Today i had what i am classifying as the absolute worst customer service experience of my life. I ordered a refrigerator on late last week, and the delivery date was today. I had paid for installation and haul away at the time or purchase because 1) i don't know how to do any type of plumbing 2) I cannot move the fridge as I am a single petite woman. WEll today when the delivery man arrived, he very quickly jerked my old refrigerator out from the wall to look behind it and instantly tell me there's nothing he can do due to a copper waterline. The new refrigerator won't take copper so he couldn't hook it up to the water. I asked him then if he could just take the old one away and hook up the new one minus the waterline and i'd have a plumber out later to do that. he tells me no because there is no valve so he would be leaving me with a leak. I hesitantly said ok. He brought the new fridge in and stuffed it in my tiny kitche. Well after he left I got on google and quickly found there's no way there wasn't a valve for the copper line. I quickly located the valve on my own, turned it off, removed it from the broken fridge and was good to go. When i put the broken fridge n my dolly, which he did not use, and started to wheel it away i noticed that when he jerked my fridge out he ripped my kitchen tile in multiple places. big holes. I am beyond livid at this point. I then use cardboard to scoot the new fridge over to the appropraite place so i can hook it up. I've gone over a week without a fridge, not having one any logner wasn't an option. So i get it plugged in and it's working. I then call best buy to see if they can come back to get the broken one since it's only been about 20 minutes since they came and to ask about the flooring damage. I am hung up on. I call back to be told that there's nothing this man can do because the order doesn't show it's been delviered. ???? he tells me to call back in an hour which I do. The rep i speak to then tells me that he will have someone out tomorrow to pick up the fridge from 12-6, but that he can't do anything about my flooring. We hang up. I then get an eamil from BestBuy to schedule pick up?! I call back immediately and ask what's going on as i was just promised it would be removed tomorrow. The rep tells me the soonest she can have it removed is the 17th but she will email the moving company to see if they can do it sooner. She also offers to file a claim for my flooring but mentions she cannot make any guarantees. I am seriously beside myself. I will never order anything from Best Buy again as long as I live, and will encourage everyone i know to follow suit. I received $50 back. Wow. That's a joke. I spent 7 hours today dealing with this disaster and am out of an entire days pay from work. Having food is a basic human right. I am really disappointed with Bestbuy their lack of empathy and drive to make things right. 
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Hello, haleylo1217.


Thank you for joining the forums and writing to us about your experience.


This is not the kind of experience that Best Buy wants for our customers, so we appreciate the opportunity to learn and grow.


I do see that you are being helped by our Executive Support Specialists, please continue to work with them at this time.

Best Wishes, 

Natalie|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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