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Customer service dropped the ball

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The week before Thanksgiving I ordered a four piece stainless steel Kitchen Aid set and the refrigerator was back ordered, which was fine since it was to be delivered during the week of Christmas and I was off of work that week.  When the other three pieces arrived the dishwasher was delivered in the black stainless, which is not what I ordered, and there were scratches by the knobs of the range.  I went back to the store to see Josh {Removed per forum guidelines}, the sales person, and he admitted it was his mistake when placing the order and made the necessary adjustments for the proper dishwasher and set a new delivery date for the dishwasher.  Two days prior to the delivery date I received a call that it would be delivered and I received another call the day before the anticipated delivery date stating the same thing.


I scheduled a day off of work to be home when the delivery came, but for some reason it was never put on the truck that day and I didn't find out until I called to find out what happened after the delivery window had passed.  I was told by Liz {Removed per forum guidelines}, the customer service agent, that nobody knows why it wasn't loaded on the truck and that I would receive a good faith gesture in the form of a gift card, which I never received.  After speaking with Liz {Removed per forum guidelines}again she stated that it had something to do with the delivery and haul away that caused this issue and she replaced the original order with a new order without haul away to resolve this discrepancy.  Upon doing this I then lost out on $60 cash back from Ebates because she cancelled the original order, so now I am down $60 from when I made the original purchase.


The next attempt of delivering the dishwasher I again scheduled the day off to receive the delivery and again the window passed with no notification.  I then called again and was told it was on the truck they are just running late.  Finally around 9pm, two hours past the window, I received a call that the delivery was on the way.  After the dishwasher was delivered I received a call from the delivery company and they apologized for the lateness and offered a $25 gift card.  I asked them what happened the previous time it wasn't delivered and they stated it was Best Buy's fault because they never released the item from the warehouse for them to deliver, again no good faith gesture from Best Buy for this issue.


Next was the delivery of the refrigerator. It was delivered during the anticipated delivery window on the scheduled date.  Being that there was no haul away on the receipt I gave the delivery guys money from my own pocket to take away the old refrigerator.  They didn't tell me a price but asked that I take care of them, which I do anyway, but gave extra since it was a heavy item and a hard angle to get down the stairs.  During the delivery they hit a couple of walls, which I spent thousands to spackle and paint the entire house in August 2018 when we purchased the house.   Then I realized the refrigerator door was not lined up, the freezer door didn't close properly and there was a scratch on the produce drawer.


After I noticed all of these issues I went back to Best Buy and spoke with Josh and he put all of the information, along with photos that I provided, into the case and told me it would be taken care of.  I waited for someone to contact me and nobody ever did, I even emailed Josh to see what the status was and received no response.  I then began to see if I can fix the door since nobody was following up with me and I was able to adjust the door myself.  I then emailed Josh that I fixed the door and he finally responded that he will update the case and that I should hear form the case manager soon.  That was on 1/23/19 and you told me Liz {Removed per forum guidelines}tried to call me twice in early January, which I never received a call or message and she closed the case without any repair or good faith gesture.


I emailed Josh again on 1/31/19 and 2/27/19 to see what was happening with my case and received no response.  I then went to the store to speak with Josh on 3/3/19 only to find out that he doesn't work in the appliances department anymore.  I spoke with the man who was there at the time and he looked up the case and told me it was closed on 1/8/19 by Liz {Removed per forum guidelines}because I didn't answer the phone when she called.  I had been awaiting her call in order to get these issues resolved and I can assure you that I never received a call and she never left a message.


After speaking with Michelle {Removed per forum guidelines}at customer service on 3/5/19 she offered me a $200 Best Buy gift card to compensate me for the damaged range and refrigerator, which I said was unacceptable since I paid over $6000 for these appliances.  Michelle then suggested I call Kitchen Aid to see if they can repair these items and that Best Buy would consider a good faith gesture.  So my time was wasted, my house was damaged and half of the brand new appliances that were delivered came damaged and I was offered a $200 gift card to a store I never want to shop in again.


Now I ask you, how am I supposed to trust any good faith from Best Buy?

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Re: Customer service dropped the ball

I want to add a little more perspective to this situation. I have been purchasing products from Best Buy for many years and I am an elite plus memeber and even have the Best Buy Visa card. I recently purchased a washer and dryer from Josh in September for our new house.  I also purcahsed a four piece Samsung kitchen set for our previous house a few years ago.  I have purchased televisions, air conditioners, gaming systems, etc. and spent thousands upon thousands of dollars at Best Buy over the years. I have been a loyal customer and it seems as long as everything is routine it is ok, but as soon as there is an issue that needs to be addressed, Best Buy doesn't know how to handle it adequately. I could have used Best Buy as a showroom and purchase from online vendors, as many people do, but I chose not to because I have never had an issue and understand how buisness works. What have I received in return for my loyalty? I received damaged products and horrible customer service with no resolution and told I should contact the manufacturer to resolve the issue. Oh, I forgot, I was offered a $200 Best Buy gift card which is supposed to resolve all the issues in my previous post. If Best Buy is going to leave me hanging like this they will probably lose quite a few customers that are part of my ecosystem, such as family, friends, co-workers and social media followers from both myself and my wife.