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Customer Service Complaint

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We wound up purchasing a new 75" TV from Best Buy for the sole reason as it could be delivered on Saturday 1/14/23. We could have spent that money somewhere else, picked it up or had it delivered a few days later but we took a chance with Best Buy. While ordering online and chatted with an agent that assurmed me of the delivery date. They even talked me into an additional $200 Total Tech membership to have even better customer service and perks.


We followed the directions given and despite being told we'd receive a call from the delivery agent the day before delivery I never received a call. Still, the website stated that delivery was for 1/14/23 and the delivery window was between 12:00pm and 8pm. 


The morning of 1/14/23 the delivery window changed to show it would be delivered between 12:00pm and 4pm. 


After sitting there for 4 hours waiting I called at 4pm to talk to Minerva in customer support. She attempted to reach the delivery agent by phone but nobody was answering the call. She also e-mailed the agent to let them know they were late and to call the customer to manage expectations. I appreciated her efforts but was disappointed that she had almost no information to tell me what was going on. She assured me that it would be delivered by 8pm however.


By 8pm I called customer support again and talked to Michael. Once again he tried to call the agent and emailed the agent's supervisor to find out what was going on. At this point I was pretty irate that I had sat in my living room for 8 hours with the expectation of delivery. Looking at the website, it still showed that delivery was today. Michael told me that they could still show up after 8pm but he wanted to transfer me to a higher support Tier


I now talked to Nicole from Total Tech member services. Nicole reviewed what was done previously by Minerva and Michael and let me know she could do nothing else. Although she did apologize for the lack of communication and delivery of my very expesive TV the tone was cold and short. They had no answers. Nobody bothered to even tell me what was happening. They didn't know where the delivery truck was and had no way to even resechedule a new delivery date. At this point I asked if this is what my extra $200 was buying me for customer service. I got silence for an answer. 


Not wanting to blame any of the agents for what was going on I asked Nicole how to file a formal complaint. She said I could only tell her. I asked if she had a supervisor and she said no, only her. I asked if there was a corporate phone number or address to lodge a complaint and she said it would only come back to her. Amazing, I was already talking with the highest member of the Best Buy company! Imagine that. Clearly she was attempting to prevent me from contacting anyone else by suggesting I couldn't reach anyone else. I asked her if she seriously wanted to give me that as an answer because I was going to find how to contact the company and file a complaint. She once again told me there was nobody else I could reach for assistance. I should have asked her last name, but considering she is the highest ranking member of Best Buy it should be easy to find out which Nicole it was. 


So I've spent about $2000 for a TV and Total Tech membership which never delivered despite assurances it would, nobody knows where it is, nobody can contact the agent that was delivering it, nobody can even reschedule a delivery and there's nobody else I can talk to for answers or to file a complaint. 


Does ANYONE think this is good business? Would ANYONE in my position not be angry? My time and money is as valueble as yours and I deserve some customer service and answers. I also deserve delivery and mounting of a very expensive TV. You had no problem taking my money. I paid for the item and delivery that Best Buy agreed to honor. I did not get that and I got lousey customer serivce for my trouble.



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Re: Customer Service Complaint

Hey there, James!


Thank you so much for reaching out and joining us here on our community forum. Although, this is never the circumstances we want it to be under. Getting a new TV should be a fun and exciting time, so going through these delays, a missed appointment, and not being able to get assistance can understandably be quite frustrating. When my TV was being delivered, I could not wait to get it, so I know how that may be. 


As we strive to provide a world-class experience, I am concerned that may not be the case here. With that being said, I would be more than happy to investigate further and properly document this feedback here at our Corporate Campus for internal review. For me to do so, kindly use the below private message button to send your:


phone number

email address

order number


I will keep an eye out for your message.

All the best,


Kayden|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Customer Service Complaint

Thank you for posting this customer complaint. We had a similar experience that I will be posting shortly. Our total order was for $6,200 and included a 75 inch Sony television. Our technician told us that all of the vans were broken into and they could not provide the service. I spent the full day yesterday calling Geek Squad, the In Home Theater Advisor's Manager, Fawn. I even went to the store where we purchased the items, no one could help us. Now, they are telling us that our delivery can't be fulfilled until 01/28. We are going to find another store to complete our purchase. If you still can't get any customer service, I would return the item and go somewhere else. I am sorry that this happened to you.