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Custom Certificate of Insurance



I am scheduled to have a dishwasher delivered on Tues 7/28. My building requires a custom certificate of insurance in order to allow delivery.  The person I spoke to at the BestBuy number today told me this was not possible.  Can someone help me get a custom COI or do I need to cancel my order?



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Re: Custom Certificate of Insurance

Here is a link to our COI page


When asked for a Custom COI, I always point my clients to this quote:


"A customized COI (naming specific parties on the COI) would not change the underlying coverage afforded by the referenced policies to such parties."


I can understand smaller business that may or may not have coverage for work performed in your particular city/county/state and how a custom certificate protects against that sort of gap.  Best Buy and it's subsidiaries operates and entire fleet of vehicles with thousands of individual crews anywhere we transact business.  The coverage is more than ample and the COI specifies any state specific variations should the property management be concerned.  With the extra traffic due to the online shopping spike caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, I'm not even sure the moderators will have time to reach your post before the installation date.

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