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Custom COI Urgently Needed



   I have a large TV delivery scheduled for tomorrow. My building requires that the delivery company provide a custom certificate of insurance (already found the generic one: The main customization is for the certificate holder & additional insured sections.


   Can a member of the Community Support team please help with this request? I've seen similar threads accomplish the same goal.




(1) Since this is a common requirement, there should probably be an automated process on the Best Buy Support side to do this. In the interim, a help center article could reduce confusion.


(2) I called Best Buy Support shortly after making my purchase, and they said they would have the delivery company call me. It's the day before the delivery and no one has called. I think the support playbook has a lot of opportunity for improvement here.




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Re: Custom COI Urgently Needed

This turned out to be unnecesary; the TV was small enough (55" diagonal) that it was just brought up the normal elevator as opposed to the freight one. I'll close this out.