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Convince me Best Buy is not a grifter

After accepting our online order of a new dryer Best Buy refused to either deliver the dryer or provide a refund. Moreover, it politely railroaded all our attempts to rectify the situation.


The particulars are as follows:
1. My wife ordered a new dryer from Best Buy via its website and received a delivery date. Our card was charged ~$900 at this point.
2. When the delivery date arrived we were told the dryer was on the truck but the driver would not deliver the dryer. It was claimed the driver needed a smaller truck, although we live in an ordinary suburban house and extremely large trucks, including big rig sized moving trucks, routinely deliver to our neighborhood (disclaimer: only the large delivery trucks are routine, the large moving trucks are occasional).
3. When we called to rectify this customer service told us the delivery would be rescheduled for tomorrow with the correct truck (which they really didn't need since a big truck would work fine).
4. After inquiring when no delivery came the next day we were informed that the delivery didn't occur because we needed a supervisors approval for the small truck. It was if they wanted us to view the delivery of an item we paid for as them doing us a favor). Nevertheless, we had not yet caught on to what was happening and so asked for the approval. We were informed it was granted. However, we were told it would take three days to arrange the delivery.
5. Three days later we got a call saying the dryer was on the truck but the driver would refuse to deliver it because he needed a smaller truck. When we called customer service they apologized and told us they would schedule a delivery for the next day.
6. Subsequently we received a message from someone at Best Buy asking telling us we needed to schedule the delivery and asking us to call them back. When we returned the call we were told that nobody like that works here and they didn't know anything about it.
7. Our subsequent efforts to address the delivery issue and obtain the dryer via phone and email were met with a combination of stonewalling and a wall of silence from Best Buy. Consequently, we called customer service and asked that the order be cancelled. The customer service representatives refused to cancel the order or issue a refund since "the order was on the truck".
8. We waited until the latest delivery date had passed so the order would no longer be "on the truck" and then asked for cancellation and a refund again. This time the customer service agent agreed to cancel the order and said they would issue a refund. Whether they actually cancelled the order or not I cannot tell but they did not issue a refund and my wife received a few emails asking her to "reschedule the delivery" - all of which again led nowhere.
9. Repeated attempts to secure either a refund or the dryer were unsuccessful. The invariably polite customer service representatives variously put us on hold for long periods of time while they "contacted a supervisor" (when the supervisors weren't "in a meeting", that is) after which they transfered us back to new customer service representative to start again. After this happened numerous times over numerous days we concluded that Best Buy will not deliver our dryer, has no intention of refunding our money, and has been seeking to defraud us of the money for which we were charged.
10. So, after coming to that conclusion (and tiring of the cruel phone and email stonewalling games) we disputed the charge on our credit card and explained the situation to one of our Credit Card comany's representatives. We await learning about whether they will be any more successful than we have been.


At this point we are in shock at Best Buy's behavior. That a major retailer we previously held in high regard, trusted, and purchased from befroe would engage in behavior similar to that of grifters/fraudsters is shocking to me. Thus I am posting this message to ask Best Buy to convince me it is not a corporate grifter by rectifying this situation.

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Re: Convince me Best Buy is not a grifter

Anyone there? Or are you just like the hpone customer service?

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Re: Convince me Best Buy is not a grifter

The announcement displayed on the Forum index page and on the login screen may answer your questions:


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Re: Convince me Best Buy is not a grifter

Hello, scon!


Thank you for connecting with us here on the Best Buy Forums. As the person who does the laundry for my household, I can understand wanting your new dryer to be delivered ASAP. I am sorry to hear that your order has not gone as smoothly as we strive for. I am happy to look into this further. To start, please send a private message with your full name, phone number, and email address, along with the order number (if you have it). You should be able to do this by clicking the blue button near my signature. 




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