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Consistent Customer Service Failures

I wanted to reach out to Best Buy Customer Service for a simple request: Exchange my 55" LG CX tv for the 65" model. What I thought was a simple transaction turned to be nothing but simple. Here is the timeline of events:
1. About 4-5 days ago, I tried using Best Buy's live-chat option that is consistently pushed on the website. Explained my request to the first agent, and was quickly transfered to "someone that handles these issues". That "someone" proceeds to transfer me to yet another individual. The third agent didn't even bother to acknowledge me - he/she promplty transferred me again. I watched this virtual game of hot potato for a couple minutes until I find that I'm disconnected from the chat.
2. Called Best Buy Customer Service a few days ago from my office line. Waited for over 30 minutes to speak to an agent until the call disconnected (this is a landline, so this can't be blamed on bad reception). Since I'm off on the weekends, I decided to call Best Buy Customer Service again today (Saturday). I originally called at 9:20am (PDT) and chose to just wait on the line rather than receive a call back. That was a mistake. After waiting for an 1 hour and 22 minutes, the call disconnected again. Was finally able to get someone on the phone once I chose to receive a call back rather than wait. 
3. Seemed like everything was running smoothly once I had an agent on the phone. He was great, and helped connect me with the department that set up the delivery/exchange. I was promised a 9/18 delivery date, and the agent explained that he would text me a link to the invoice for the difference in price between the 55" and 65" tvs. I received an invoice, but then had problems with my payment being accepted. The individual was very polite and suggested I call my bank and call back. He promised me that the delivery date was "locked in", and that all I had to do was call back and take care of the payment. 
4. I call my bank, and they tell me that they don't see any attempted transactions from Best Buy. They also confirm that my account is fine and that the transaction has no reason to be denied.
5. I call Best Buy back, wait awhile to talk to someone, and then wait a while more for them to review the file and transfer me. The rep that took over (Alejandra, I believe), was the best. She seemed genuinely concerned, and tried everything she could to help. After a substantial time on the phone, she explains that it would be best if I just make payment over the phone (instead of their website). She tries to do it herself, but her computer wasn't working. She explains that she will have someone call me back so they can take payment over the phone. 
6. Another rep calls me back, and has me run through everything I tried with the last rep (even after I explained that it won't work). I keep asking if she can just try taking the payment over the phone, but she never acknowledges my request. She kept asking if there's an issue with my card even after I explained that I just got of the phone with the bank. I even explained to her that my bank clearly stated that there were no attempted transactions from Best Buy. Further, I told her I tried other cards with the last rep, so I suspected there must be some issue with Best Buy's payment system. Finally, I tell her that I was under the impression she was calling to take my payment over the phone. My comments were completely ignored, and she just suggested I try another card. This was maddening, She tells me she will have somone call me back. Yay.
7. I wait another hour and am finally able to make a payment over the phone (crazy, my card worked just like my bank said). This rep explained that Best Buy's systems sometimes don't work will with my bank (a major national bank), so that might be the issue. As she's explaining this, I notice that my delivery date is now 9/21. I ask her and she says, "well, that's the soonest available now". I explain that this was not what was explained, and if there is any way to change delivery dates. I could almost hear her shrugging in apathy when I brought this up. 
This whole fiaso took about 6 hours (not counting my attempts on prior days), and the issue was finally resolved around 3:45pm (PDT). 
Six Hours.
All I wanted to do was exchange a tv, and I have no idea why it took hours for someone to finally try and take my payment over the phone. Especially when Best Buy reps seemed to know that there are occasional issues with respect to online payments. 
I am not sure what the issue is with Best Buy's payment system, and frankly, I don't care. This is not something I should deal with, and most definitely not something that required 6 hours of my late morning and afternoon. Further, I do not understand why it had to take hours for someone to attempt to take my payment over the phone. This is especially frustrating considering I had to watch the delivery date get pushed further and further back after being told that my delivery date was "locked" into the system. 
Most shocking, it was clear to the last rep that I was dealing with this issue for hours (spent a total of 4 hours on the phone), yet there was no good-faith attempt to try and make things right. That sort of attitude is the antithesis to "customer service". 
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Re: Consistent Customer Service Failures

Hi, andy0196, and welcome to our online community!


Thank you for reaching out to us on our forum. I completely understand your frustrations with this situation, as I agree that it should not take that much time and effort to simply schedule a TV exchange. I apologize for the inconveniences you endured throughout the process.


That being said, is this still scheduled for the September 21 date you mentioned? Please let me know if there are any ongoing issues with this exchange.


In addition, I'd like the chance to formally document your experience. It's important for us to hear and record feedback like yours, as Best Buy is constantly looking for ways to improve our support options and overall customer experience. Please send me a private message including your full name, email, and phone number. You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name below.


All the best,

Allison|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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