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Concerning and Disturbing Delievery and Installation

We purchased a whirlpool kitchen package just proper to Black Friday (they ran deals early). We elected to have Best Buy install and haul away our old appliances. We wait 2 weeks while the appliances are ordered. We were scheduled for deliever of a 4 piece set on Dec 5th between 8-12pm. At about 10am we get an email it of the blue saying everything was going to be rescheduled for the 10th. Finding this very odd I call cusotmer service, they had no idea why it would have been rescheduled. While I’m trying to sort it out with them my husbands phone rings from a third party installer saying they have our appliances. I figure okay there was a mix up they have our stuff great. Well then we realize the fridge is missing. No one seems to know where the fridge is. Turns out it was on another truck and they stopped by to drop it off. The mess continues. Instead of removing the doors in the fridge when the Best Buy Guys realized t wouldn’t fit in or stairway they proceeded to ask us to remove a shelf mounted on the wall because “it’s a pain to take the doors off,” and continued to push on the fridge. They finally decided they would just take the doors off. Once it was upstairs I began to inspect the fridge and found not one but 5 dents on the doors and two large scrapes in either side. They also scraped up our walls, railing, and molding on our stair case. The deliever guy (who is actually the manager of he geek squad deliever service was the one who did the delivery) he offered me a discount of 10% and after I asked he said he would order us new doors. He then took off in a hurry knowing they had messed up. So the third party installer gets hung up when a bracket for mounting the microwave gives way. He said it’s not mountable and we will have to order a new one, he said he would let the rep at bust buy know. . I get on the phone with the rep at bestbuy who sold us the package and he is less than helpful. He continually talks over me, laughed at my frustration and basically tells me the fridge was probably already dented and that he had no idea about the mircowave. So I get a hold of a the manager and explain all this. He listens and confirms the order of the doors and get aces he mircowave order for me and assured me the third party installer will do the job because we needed an outlet installed. This was to all be installed dec 19. Fast forward to dec 13 I get an email that our reordered appliances would not be available. So I call the rep at Best Buy again, he says the doors for the fridge won’t be in until the 23rd. So I set up a new instal day for the 26. He says the microwave is still on time. I agree to keep the two separate intall dates. Go to dec 19, bestbuy arrives at my house. They have the mircowave but THEY CANT INSTALL BECAUSE NO ONE TOLD THEM IT NEEDED TO BE THE THIRD PARTY INSTALLER! They are apologetic. I call the manager again and ask how this could have happened, he says the next availability with the third party install is Jan 2. I beg of they can try to squeeze me in, after this isn’t my fault. I’m still waiting to hear if we will get in before Jan 2. Then they ended up installing the new doors on the fridge on the 19th after they had me rescheduled for the 26. After they left I realized that the door to the freezer that they exchanged is not even and does not seal! My freezer is continually running! I called he manager and requested return service to have the doors fixed. They are scheduled for 12/20 from 12-4. If it can’t be fixed I am going to pursue a full refind. This is beyond frustrating and ridiculous. It should not take this much time, effort, and repeated deliveries to get an instal completed. We are out much time and money from days taken off work to wait for installs that fail.
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Re: Concerning and Disturbing Delievery and Installation

Hello omullen, 


Thank you for sharing your experience with us and providing us with this feedback. I do see that you went through a variety of issues with your order, and I'd like to know if there is anything I can do to help you still. I do realize that you submitted this to us on the 20th of December, so if there is still assistance needed with this order please send me a private message using the link in my signature. Please provide your full name, phone number, and email address in that message. 



Natalie|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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