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Complete failure of appliance deliveries

We have been Best Buy customers for many years. Between our home, RV, and our business we recently sold, we have bought over $20,000 of merchandise from BB over the years; appliances, TVs, home theater systems, speaker systems, audio/video receivers, desk top computers, laptop computers, game systems, etc.. Over $10,000 in the last six months. We have been very happy with you for that period. Until six months ago. Then a total failure.


In October, 2018 we bought a Whirlpool washer and dryer with pedestals for $2,795 from the McKinney, TX BB store. The salesman gave us a printout showing delivery would be Oct. 5, 2018 between 12:00 and 6:00 PM. We sat at home all day waiting for that delivery. At about 5 PM, having heard nothing about an actual time, I called Best Buy customer service. They said there was no record for a delivery for us. I said I have a printout from the store showing we did. She said sorry, there is no deliver scheduled. So she rescheduled it for the next week. And it was delivered then. Failure number one.


Fast forward three months to January 29, 2019. We were browsing appliances in the Allen, TX BB store. We bought a Whirlpool five item bundle of a French door refrigerator, double oven, microwave, cook top, and dish washer for a total of $8,237 plus installation. BB would send a 3rd party installation company out to do measurements and ensure everything would fit. As the salesman was completing the order, he said the refrigerator was on back order until March 15. We were ok with that and said to deliver and install all other items now and the refrigerator later. Install of the four items by BB installer XPO went well. A new double shutoff valve was required for the new refrigerator and install crew said they would do that when they came back to deliver the refrigerator.


Six weeks later, the day before scheduled deliver of the refrigerator, we received a message from BB that the refrigerator was still on back order and not available until mid May. We said, no thanks, we will cancel the order and find another model. A quick google search showed numerous complaints about some Whirlpool refrigerators. Turned out that model, and apparently other Whirlpool models, was having problems freezing up which I assume led to the deliver problems. Would have been nice for BB to notify us that there were apparent functional problems with that unit. But I will not count that as a failure.


I searched your web site for another Whirlpool model refrigerator we might consider since we bought the bundle. The only store with one on display was the Frisco, TX store. Visiting that store, we did not like that particular model and could find no other option for a Whirlpool. The only brand that had a similar look and finish was Samsung. I checked the specifications to ensure it would fit thru our kitchen door. So we purchased that for approximately $600 more than the Whirlpool. In working up the order we requested the store cancel the order for the Whirlpool we had previously purchased and put that credit back on our BB card for the new purchase. They said they could not easily do that and we needed to go back to the Allen store and have them do it. Rather than drive all the way back to Allen and then back to Frisco, we put the new refrigerator on our Visa card. They scheduled delivery for the next week. We informed them that the installation company BB sent out previously would need to be used again as they still had to install the double shutoff valve. They said fine, they would make a note of that.


We drove back to the Allen store and told the salesman we needed to cancel our previous order and that the Frisco store said we would need Allen to do that. He said Frisco could have done it just as easily as him. Failure number two.


BB delivery crew showed up with the new refrigerator. I showed him where it would go and showed him where the new water valve had to go. He said they were not plumbers and they could not do that and that no one had told them anything about it. He said they could go ahead and haul off the old refrigerator off and bring the new in. I agreed and told him I would call BB again to get the right people to install the valve. Then one of the guys came in and said the new one was damaged. I went to look and there were dents in the door. I told them to take it back and bring an undamaged one. I called BB and explained the problem and inconvenience to us. Lots of apologies. Failure number three. Four if you count not noticing the damage until delivery.


The next week the original XPO installation people, along with an EXP manager and a BB auditor, came with the another new refrigerator. They took the doors off and freezer drawers out so that it would fit thru the door. But after removing those items, there were some leveling feet that extended out the front bottom preventing the unit from going thru the door. They looked under the unit and determined those could not be removed. The only other option was to go thru a different kitchen door. But the unit was to wide to pass between two counter tops. So the three men physically lifted the refrigerator over the counter tops and set it in place. I was not particularly happy with that, but at least it was installed.


At least I was OK with it until that evening when I discovered the new refrigerator was not cooling. In fact, the inside temperature had actually risen to 70 degrees. So again I called BB and explained the unit was not cooling. She said it must be defective and they would send a new unit out to replace it, scheduled for two days later. I explained to her that three big stout installation guys had to lift the unit over the counter tops to get it in place. She said she would make a note of that for the next delivery.


Frustration is setting in.


I happen to look back at our paperwork. Allen store had canceled the order for the original refrigerator and also canceled the extra 3 year warranty we had purchased. I made the mistake of assuming Frisco would add the 3 year warranty to the new unit we bought from them as they had reviewed the previous order from Allen. Failure on my part and on Frisco. They never mentioned extended warranty and at the time I did not think about it.

New BB deliver crew shows up with the new refrigerator. There were two guys, one of which was short and may have weighed 150 pounds. No way were they going to lift that refrigerator over the counter top. I told him that I had explained to the BB store person that the unit was lifted in place by three guys from the installation company and that she said she would make a note of it. He said he had been told nothing about that. They glanced under the unit and decided they could not remove the levelers and said the unit would not go thru the door even if they did. So they left without doing anything. I called BB store again.


Now we are well past frustration. I have lost count of the total failures at this point.


They said they would have to schedule the installation company back out with enough people to lift the unit over that counter again.


I am a retired engineer and do not accept things at face value. It simply did not seem reasonable that a manufacturer would install levelers protruding from the front of the unit that could not be removed and allow passing thru a door. I felt under the levelers and determined there were two screws holding each to the cabinet. So I took a ratchet and a 10 mm socket and had both levelers off within 5 minutes! Two small screws holding each leveler in place. With doors and levelers off, the unit measures 29 3/8” depth. Our door measures 30 3/8” wide. A failure on both the 3rd party

installation company and the BB delivery crew. That should be an embarrassment for both of them and BB in general.


New delivery scheduled for April 1 between 7 am and 1 pm. Different XPO team shows up at 12:30. Only two men, neither of which had been on the first deliver team. Only two men even though I had told BB that it took three men to lift the unit over the counter top the first time. These guys were not told anything about that. I explained to them that I had taken the levelers off, the same ones the first XPO team and the subsequent BB deliver team, said would not come off. And that I thought the unit would, in fact, fit through the door. They tried and it easily did go through the door. Another failure of BB and/or of XPO to adequately inform the people bringing the new unit. Fortunately, it did fit through the door and did not require lifting. After fully uncrating the new unit, it was found that this one also had dents in one of the doors. They took the door from the unit they had just removed and put in on the new one to replace the dented door. Two of three units delivered to us had dented doors. Don’t know who is failing in that respect.


Finally after 4 months and 4 deliver attempts we have a working refrigerator. Seems the right hand doesn"t know what the left hand is doing. We were told we had a case worker looking into the problems. But no one has ever contacted us to see if the issue was ever corrected.


Still have to get the extended warranty issue resolved.

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Re: Complete failure of appliance deliveries

Hello, User882625, and welcome to our online community!


Thank you for taking the time to explain your appliance delivery experience here on our Forum. First, I'd like to sincerely thank you for being a loyal customer to Best Buy. I can understand how your recent experience with this refrigerator purchase specifically would be disheartening after trusting us with your products over the years. 


It sounds like the issues stemmed from a lack of communication on our few stores' and installation team's part, and I apologize for the inconveniences you faced over the past four months as a result. This is not the kind of service and experience we strive to provide our customers, and we definitely missed the mark here.


Furthermore, I hate to hear that at the end of this situation you faced, you were not followed up with to ensure everything's been taken care of. That's where I hope I can step in and resolve any other standing issues here. 


That being said, can you please send me a private message including your full name, email, phone number, and any order numbers you have? I'd like to look further into your case and account. You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name, below.


Happy to help,

Allison|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Complete failure of appliance deliveries

I would love to PM you but I can’t log in under the original name I registered as, BB_TX. I had to register again using a different email address to post this reply. I don’t know where the user 882625 came from, not what I joined as and posted as. I tried logging in as 882625 but could not do that. Tried forgot password. Got an e-mail with link to reset password. Did that and got a reset success message. Still can not log in as 882625.
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Re: Complete failure of appliance deliveries

Hi there, User882667,


Thank you for following up with us regarding your account. We may change user names that appear to impersonate businesses, individuals, or official forum moderators and administrators per our Terms & Conditions. Please note that your new username does not include any spaces between the word "User" and your username ID number. This may be preventing you from logging in to your account. Please let us know if you continue to have problems logging in to your account and we'll be glad to see how we can further assist you.



AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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