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I would like to express my Best Buy experience. On June 27 we attended a store to make a purchase of a kitchen set which we required to be delivered just under a month later . We attended the store in person because we knew there may be delivery restrictions due to Covid and it was imperative the items were delivered on time.

Upon attending the store we learned that the fridge we wanted was not available and was on back order. We were forced to switch to another fridge that was available at the time of purchase. Unfortunately we could not take immediate possession of the items purchased as we didn’t get possession of our new home until July 24. But all were scheduled to be delivered on July 25 (and were immediately available for delivery based on the computer database).

We received no further communication from Best Buy until July 23. On this date we received an email notification that our entire package had been postponed until September 2. I have been told by an employee that this was likely the date Best Buy attempted to pull the items from the warehouse learning that one of them wasn’t there. Given we had no appliances in our new home this was devastating.

I immediately called the number provided in they email notification and was provided next to no information. They had no ability to determine what, if any, items had delayed the delivery. Given that this section was responsible for delaying my delivery this amazed me. I then tried to use an online chat to communicate with Best Buy but they could not find my order. Given the store we purchased from was near our new home it wasn’t close to our current home. At this time we were frantically preparing for a move and in no position to spend multiple hours driving. I called the store multiple times only to learn the phones were turned off. We had no way of getting new information.

Fortunately, our realtor assisted by getting a hold of someone in store who confirmed the only item being delayed was the fridge. The store clerk attempted to find a fridge to replace it but unfortunately Best Buy has nothing in stock. Regardless the damage was done and nothing could be delivered until July 29 leaving our family with no kitchen appliances for four days. This was needless as the other two appliances could have been delivered on July 25, and we would have directed this action had we been called to ask about the delayed shipping.

Unfortunately we couldn’t wait for the fridge and were forced to purchase a different fridge elsewhere for a higher price. All while trying to move into our new place with three children.

I have spoken to a supervisor at the delivery centre who took no responsibility, but provided his reasoning for what happened, then stated that if I was a more experienced appliance shopper I would know that appliance stores often price match meaning I shouldn’t be out of pocket. Although he said sorry in some ways, his words were clearly of someone who accepted no responsibility and only blamed others. To point, he blamed the manufacturer and the store for separate failures. A majority of the problem was directly the result of the delivery company delaying the entire order instead of delivering the two appliances that were available.

Overall this experience has been very disheartening with nobody offering anything other than an apology. Not an offer of an upgrade to replace the fridge, a discount, or anything to manage the financial hardship incurred from the error. I understand mistakes happen, but when they do accountability should follow.

I truly hope this isn’t the standard or expectations of Best Buy and await your response.

Thank you
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Re: Complaint

Hi, Jonathan,


Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Congratulations on your new home! Buying brand new appliances for your new home should be exciting, so it’s disappointing to hear that delivery of your product did not go as smoothly as we would want.


To ensure we’re on the same page, can you please clarify if you ended up completely cancelling your order with us or if you only cancelled your fridge order and kept the rest with Best Buy? Either way, I’ll be glad to review your situation in greater detail to see what may be possible going forward. After that clarification, to get started, I’ll need verification of your full name, phone number, email address, and order number. Send these details in a private message to keep your information secure. When logged in on the forum from a PC, you should see the blue “Private Message” button next to my signature below this post.



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