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Complaint on delivery

I purchased whole kitchen appliances and scheduled the delivery for today, which was confirmed.  since it need to be signed off, so I took the day off for this delivery. And to ensure the driver can reach me, I even called a day earlier to the customer service to put my cell phone number in make sure I an be reached. I am buying the appliances for the new home and on my best buy account the phone number associated with still my current home phone number. I have been holding my phone and waiting in my new home since 9:30 then 

I get the following messages:  

"You can expect your agent to arrive at approximately 11:50am"


But there is no sign of the delivery, I told front desk door man and back door security that I have delivery today for appliance. 


Until 12:23 I got a call from (732) area code number said my delivery is at my building. So I went down, there is no sign of any truck, the security didn't see anyone neither.  ( didn't need 20 mins to go down)


I waited for 10 mins and called back to find out the number is not in business. then I called customer service, they told me the driver was waited for 20 mins then left, with a picture of the building.


So i went check with the door man, door man said he remmebered someone come out his truck and take a picture with his phone, so he told the driver any delivery should go to the back door to check in with the security. HE NEVER DID! 



First, why the driver didn't call my cell phone which I clearly indicated at first place, it obviously didn't take me 20 mins to go downstairs since I have been waiting for it since this morning.


Second, why the driver didn't coming in and checking with the door man or security for delivery? that way they would notify the residents too.


Third, when the driver been told to go to the back door to deliver, why he never did? it was only one left turn to make.



Obviously I'm very unhappy at this point and after telling me that they can't reschedule until Tomorrow now. Which means another day off from work and I also need to reschedule the building service elevator. This whole thing not only make it very inconvienents and osting me money because I took the day off to receive this order.  It is even more loss that I have to take another day off also.