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Complaint - Store, product, geek squad line, delivery, installers....

I would like to know who I can speak to that will address an issue that almost everyone in the Best Buy chain has been ignoring and neglecting.


I have purchased several items with Best Buy which I have now been trying to return and have just been juggled back and forth between the Geek Squad 1800 line and the local stores.




During Black Friday I made the biggest mistake of my life and that was that I walked in to Best Buy and purchased the following items for my new home which at the time was still under construction (Hence the delivery and initial delay)







Ninja appliances




I went in to the store to change my address and adjust delivery date when we were given the green light that the house we be finished.  The store said they could not help.  I went to different store... they also refused to help.  I spoke to another store finally they changed the address but asked me to book delivery dates on app.  I went on the best buy account site to adjust dates and noticed the address wasn't changed so I did it all once again.  I was sitting at home waiting for delivery and the tv came but the washer, dryer, refrigerator, and microwave never came.  By chance my spouse was at our old apartment turning in keys when the best buy delivery arrived.  My wife explained that the items were to be delivered to the same address where the tv was delivered not the apt.  They told her they would be on the way and would arrive in approx. 30 mins.  I waited outside the house to flag them down as it is new construction and not much was out there.  Two hours passed and no one arrived.  I waited as I figured traffic was harsh and they might have gotten lost but at the 3 hours mark I decided to call geek squad.  The only helpful and nicest person that I have met from best buy answered and told me the delivery was out so he would call and find out.  4 hours later still on the line the gentleman I believe his name was Mark was still trying to help but could not track them down.  5 hours later still on the line, he found out that the team was never headed my way, lied and took the items back.  However, when they went back, they did not cancel the order or close it so it could be rescheduled or for him to change the address as in his system it showed after all my attempts the new address was never changed (weird thought because the tv did arrive!).  He kindly explained he would have to wait till the next day hoping the delivery team would close the order.  He explained he was in Miami and told me he would call me back the next day to resolve the matter.  I asked if anything could be done as I scheduled my life around this believing Best Buy would do as scheduled and I need my refrigerator.  He apologetically told me no and so I had to throw away all my groceries as I had nowhere to store them and it was late as I had been waiting and wasting all my day expecting the best buy delivery and could not go elsewhere to get another refrigerator.  I not only wasted my day but also wasted about $300 in groceries or more!  Next day came around and he called me and told me they had still not closed the order so he couldn’t do anything.  Third day came around and he called me again and finally after 3 days of eating out and having to deal with all my medications, he was able to get it rescheduled for 2 days later.  At the end I not only had to eat out but also take my clothes to the cleaners as I had no washer and dryer for almost one week. 

Finally, they delivered the items and carefully installed everything or so I thought.   The geek squad agent I had been dealing with kindly offered a $125 gift card for our trouble, which from my viewpoint did not cover half of my groceries, trouble, cleaners or any expenses, but he was kind and it wasn’t his fault so I accepted. 

Once they left, I went ahead and began cleaning the items and noticed after removing all the dirt and able to see the WHITE washer that it had a dent!  I called geek squad and so my nightmare continued. They scheduled the exchange and so we waited again without a washer.  The delivery team came by with the washer and my wife received them.  The gentleman who attempted to remove the washer was unable to do so and made it very clear to my wife what kind of person he was and what his thoughts were not only in regards to the situation, but the previous delivery team and best buy as well.  Unfortunately, his thoughts and manner of describing all of the above were not professional but even at the slightest respectful or plain out acceptable.  This gentleman began yelling in my home and using words/language that I do not approve off or appreciate inside my home.  My wife called me and called geek squad as he in his yelling was telling her to do so and tell them that the previous team had messed everything up and as usual of the previous installer, he had pushed the hose in too deep and if he tried to take it out it would break the wall, plumbing, tube everything.  So, after he finished his disrespectful yelling and horrible outburst he left.  My wife on the phone meanwhile was also having to deal with a geek squad rep that just like this delivery guy, was yelling and being disrespectful and unwilling to listen and help.  In all of her complaining she said she was going to cancel the gift card since we were returning the washer and it should have never been issued?! Who was talking about returning the washer and what did the gift card have to do with this situation?  At the end of the call nothing was dealt with and the exchange of the washer was not scheduled.  This was by far the worst experience ever! 

As the nightmare continued, I called Geek Squad repeatedly to ask what would happen now with the plumbing and the items and nobody would give me an answer.  The store sent me to the Geek Squad line and the line would send me to them.  Finally, someone told me they made a report and was speechless and appalled and a Manager would be calling me within 24 hours as this situation was well above his pay grade.  Almost a week later, I have not received 1 single call and still do not have the washer replaced.  I called and asked to return all the items and have EVERYTHING picked up because I just feel DONE with this situation and best buy and once again, I was told I had to go to the store. Again, I wasted my time and gas and the store AGAIN told me they couldn’t help so to go to the geek squad line.  I did and they filed an insurance claim, forwarded me an email with the insurance team and then that was it …. still waiting for a call, an answer or something.  At this point I am wondering if any of this will ever be resolved and Best Buy will ever step up to acknowledge this lack of communication, customer attention, customer service, acknowledge any responsibility and maybe just maybe resolve it?!  I if anything am considering finding a way of taking ALL of the items I purchased to the store and see if then someone will listen?  Not to mention I was considering having Best Buy setup my home theater audio, tv mounting and all and I cancelled that appointment to purchase and install as I have lost all trust in this Business.  I have had to explain myself so so so so many times that I decided to write and this is my last attempt and reaching out for some time of help.

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Re: Complaint - Store, product, geek squad line, delivery, installers....

Good afternoon, AnelTrevino, 


Thank you for registering with the forum to share your appliance order troubles with us! Building a new home would be incredibly exciting, and I can imagine how thrilled you were to carefully select each item to fill your home with. I'm certain you were looking forward to having these purchases delivered after hearing your home would be complete. 

We strive to ensure each of these purchases, from selection to installation, goes smoothly for our customers. Beginning with your difficulties updating your delivery address to the damaged washer and property, and incorrect installation, it sounds like we've missed the mark in your experience by a long shot. I apologize for the extensive troubles you've experienced thus far. 


With that said, it sounds like the damage claim has been filed appropriately. To check on this claim's status, you would want contact Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc. at (855) 832-1338. They may be reached Monday through Friday from 8am - 4pm CT. As for wanting to return your items, you would want to contact our Geek Squad Client Care team at (800) 304-1259. This dedicated team is best equipped to address your concerns, and is available 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. CT. 



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