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Complaint- Horrible Misinformation on major kitchen appliance purchases. Last min delays

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This entire process of trying to get product from Best Buy has been awful.  Now I will be out of pocket roughly $1,000 purely due to Best Buy.  $400 of extra money I had to spend at BB and now I am facing an extra $600 bill from contractor.  I have also spent 349 min with Best Buy on trying to correct this matter.  Yes, almost 6 hours!  Here is the timeline of events.  Every person I spoke to gave me different information.  This is unreal how unorganized everything is.  I find it VERY difficult to believe that Best Buy could not figure out a home delivery would be delayed 2 days prior to delivery.

Date Item
12/31/2020 Ordered Bosch downdraft, blower motor, and cooktop online {removed per forum guidelines} .  Home delivery Scheduled for Jan 30th.
1/27/2021 Received email stating home delivery is delayed
1/27/2021 Reached out via chat and agent said it was a mistake.  "Rest assured it will be there on Jan 30"
1/27/2021 Called BB, agent said it does not appear to be delayed
1/28/2021 Provided contractor deposit for Feb 1 install
1/28/2021 Received second email stating home delivery is delayed
1/28/2021 Called Best Buy and the agent said the delay may be a mistake and see if it shows up in 2 days.  Identified that downdraft is the item that is delayed.
1/29/2021 Received call from BB delivery scheduling, told agent that I spoke to several BB agents prior and all said it will be on time.  She told me to disregard her call then.
1/29/2021 Called the local BB store, store said if both items are not available, they will not deliver any of the items.  Said that downdraft will not be available till end of Feb.
1/29/2021 Called 1-888 BB, said I needed to reschedule downdraft delivery for Mar 8th.  I found a few stores that had in stock but agent could not have those shipped to me.
1/29/2021 Called contractor to reschedule downdraft install.  Said I will need to still pay the full amount for Feb 1 install because he has already scheduled the labor.  Downdraft install will need to be scheduled seperately and pay for another service appointment
1/29/2021 Found that a Thermador downdraft can be installed in place of Bosch.  Found 1 in stock, 6 hours away.  Called store and they confirmed it was in stock
1/29/2021 Called 1-888 BB to ask if they can change the order from Bosch downdraft to Thermador downdraft and I would drive to pickup so contractor could install Feb 01.  They agreed and provided a discount towards the Thermador downdraft but would not match.  This was my only option so I did it.  Also the 5 yr service plan was at a higher price and asked for BB to match the prior 5 yr service price but they refused. {removed per forum guidelines}
1/29/2021 2 hours after order, received email that order was cancelled while I was driving to pick up
1/29/2021 Called 1-888 BB and they stated that the order was cancelled due to friends and family.  I asked to replace the order but item was no longer available
1/31/2021 Called 1-888 BB to place new order with discount that was offered.  Transferred 3 times and disconnected on 3rd transfer
1/31/2021 Called 1-888 BB back to place order.  Disconnected on when transferred
1/31/2021 Place order online at BB without discount, now best available date is Feb 23 for Thermador or March 8th for Bosch.  Purchased Thermador {removed per forum guidelines}
2/1/2021 Called 1-888 BB to ask for discount to be applied and how to get product quicker.  Agent said no way to get quicker and transferred 3 times to an agent that could apply $ discount to my order once I pick it up.
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Re: Complaint- Horrible Misinformation on major kitchen appliance purchases. Last min delays

Hello, cbat25,


Welcome to our community forums and thank you for taking the time to let us know about your recent experience with these orders. We strive to make the appliance delivery and installation process as smooth as possible so I'm disappointed to hear about your experience so far. I'm sure you're looking forward to getting all these appliances installed and running as quickly as possible and appreciate you providing a summary of what has happened so far.


As previous agents may have mentioned, we are generally unable to expedite the date a product becomes available as we may be waiting to receive it from the manufacturer. Based on your message it sounds like you've been able to get this latest order placed, is that correct? How can I best assist you at this time?


I'd like to make sure we document your experience here at our Corporate Campus so we can work to prevent something like this from happening in the future. I will need some additional details to do so. Can you please send me a private message that includes your:


Full name

Email address

Phone number


You can send me a private message by clicking on the blue button at the bottom of this post. I'll keep an eye out for your message. 

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Complaint- Horrible Misinformation on major kitchen appliance purchases. Last min delays


Thanks for the reply and yes I currently have the product on order but it will be a month late and $450 more than I planned to originally purchase (not including additional charges from my contractor).  Here are the fundamental issues that BB Corporate needs to address:

  1. Notification of delivery delay 1 day prior to delivery is unacceptable.  I find it highly unlikely that BB did not know this earlier.
  2. All divisions of BB (stores, home delivery, Pacific Sales, .com sales, .com order support needs to have the same data and provide the customer the same information.  
  3. When a customer calls a store and confirms inventory, the item should be available.  My order was placed 2 min after inventory confirmed and I doubt that someone else purchased it during that time for such a specialized item.
  4. BB should have the ability to ship from stores that have a product in stock when delayed like my situation.  There are stores that show inventory of the product I have purchased but was told they cannot ship it to me from another location.
  5. The incremental expenses that I will be incurring are completely unacceptable.  When I discuss this issue with 1-888 BB, they need to have the ability to rectify the situation.  I am also surprised that nobody from BB reach out to me regarding this and I have to post on a forum to bring it to BB corporate's attention.
  6. BB does not offer expediting products coming from the distributor/manufacturer to minimize the impact on the customer financially and time (I am unable to use the new cooktop a purchased from BB until this is installed).
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Re: Complaint- Horrible Misinformation on major kitchen appliance purchases. Last min delays

Hello, cbat25,

It is clear there were a few factors that contributed to your need to reach out, and I apologize for the way things have transpired. Your feedback is extremely important to us, as we’re always interested in reflecting on the areas we may be able to improve.  I’ll be replying to your Private Message thread, where we can continue working together. Hopefully, we can ensure the rest of this experience is seamless. 



Sarah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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