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Complaint Compensation and Issue Resolution Policy

Complaint Compensation and Issue Resolution Policy

I sent the below email two weeks ago and not one person responded to me.  I had hoped to resolve this without posting in a public forum... Regardless - 


On 7/28, we purchased a Samsung washer and dryer. This was initially delivered and installed on 8/3.  After a week, the dryer would start and then would turn off, and then eventually stopped altogether.


When my husband looked to see what was wrong, he noticed three melted wires, and a burn mark on the back of the unit.  We contacted Best Buy and scheduled a return and installation of a new unit for 8/17.  When this dryer was installed, it was not working properly, and the installer was not comfortable leaving us with a broken dryer.


Additionally, that installer was able to identify immediately what the problem was with the first dryer:  the wires cannot touch (for the exact reason that happened) and therefore need to be installed with a clamp.  In this case, the clamp was absent.  I again contacted Best Buy and was able to get a 3rd dryer installed on 8/20.  Fortunately, after 3 tries and almost a month after the initial purchase was made, I have a working dryer.


My complaint is this - when I contacted Geek Squad (as I was told to do) to discuss the situation, I was told any compensation for my 'inconvenience' would be done in the form of a gift card and that this was Best Buy policy. My house could have burned down, and we get "sorry for the inconvenience, please come spend more money with us?" Customer service is a very large part of the work I do, and as I see it, this is what we call a company friendly policy, and not a customer friendly policy.  Not ok, Best Buy.  Not ok.


If it was just a broken dryer and we had to wait a week, and had to take my laundry to the laundromat, THAT is an inconvenience.  But when something is installed incorrectly,that very clearly created a fire hazard, then I see this as more than an inconvenience.  I have a family with two little kids, and I do not want to think of what could have happened.  I'm sure you all don't either. 


Please have someone contact me via the email account on file, and we can hopefully resolve this issue. 


Last, and more importantly please work to update your training so that what happened to us won't happen to others, with a worse outcome

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Re: Complaint Compensation and Issue Resolution Policy

Hello, Nonolo.

Thank you for notifying us of your experience through our Community Forums. We empathize with you and what you’ve gone though.  No one should have to endure the worry of property damage to their home, or more importantly, risks of safety of their family members.  It is definitely not the type of experience that we wanted you to have. While we understand that you’ve been in contact with our Geek Squad regarding some form of compensation, we’d like to gather some additional information so that we can research either the progress of that discussion, or assist in considering some other options that our role at our Corporate office empowers us to consider.

Would you mind sharing your full name, phone and email with us privately, please?  Simply select the blue button to the right of my signature so that we can receive that information securely.


We look forward to chatting with you soon!

Wesley|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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