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Claims issue

Had a range delivered to my home.the first range came defective. wouldnt turn on. I had wanted the men to take it back and return my range. They said to call and order a new one and if i had wanted mine back to call them and they will bring it back if we didnt reach an agreement. After 30 min conversation on the phone i decided that I would rather return best buys range and purchase elsewhere. The wait time for a replacement was over 2 weeks (without a working stove top). I recieved a return call from the delivery people saying they are no longer in the area and will not be bringing back my OWN range!!!! So i was forced to wait two weeks until a new one was delievered. Two weeks where I was unable to cook and use a stove. Two weeks of eating out and wasting excess money we didnt have. It gets better.

Two weeks go by and a new range was delivered. Delivery guys scratched my hard wood floors. This, after being told to be careful. They tried to "install" the range and were about to leave it sticking out from the wall about 3 feet. They literally put it in the spot and were willing to push it in. I specifically paid for delivery and install. This range cost approx 1000 and instead ending up costing me 3x that in repairs.

3 months later still no follow through on the case. Emailed extensively with both Sedgwick, the delivery company, and best buy. Their response was to give me 500 compensation for an issue that was quoted over 2.5g to fix by a contractor. Stay away from best buy!! They do not care for the damage they create and do not stand by their customers. 3 months and no movement. I do not even know where to go from here.
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Re: Claims issue



We know a lot of thought goes in to selecting the perfect range, so we appreciate that you came to us for this important purchase. That said, the experience you described is far from the one we aimed to provide. While eating out can be fun, I can certainly understand how that would be far from ideal when it was unplanned and you were excited to try out your new range.


As someone who takes pride in my home, I can imagine how upset I would feel if put in that position, so it pains me to hear that was your experience. I'd be happy to to talk to Sedgwick on your behalf regarding your claim. So I can better assist, can you please sent a private message with your full name, phone number, email and claim number? Since we want to keep your private info secure, please be sure to send that information through our Private Message option which is listed with my signature below. 

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Re: Claims issue

No one is reaching out to me from Sedgwick
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Re: Claims issue

Morning, Damageissue,


Can you please check your private messages? I’ve shared an update regarding the last communication we received from Sedgwick on this matter with you privately. You’re able to check your private messages by ensuring you’re logged into your forum profile and selecting the orange envelope in the top right-hand corner.



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