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Claim dating back to August

I purchased a refrigerator from Best Buy and my floors were damaged by the delivery people. I have been passed around from Best Buy, to Sedgwick, back to Best Buy, and now to Pillar Logistics. I provided them with all the information relating to the claim (twice) and an estimate (which they requested) and they keep telling me that someone will call but I have received no information and no phone call.

This has been going on for MONTHS and no one will help me. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars at Best Buy over the years and to be treated in such an inconsiderate and rude way is unbelievable.

What can someone do to get some action on this???
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Re: Claim dating back to August

Hello, Jamesk2,


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Thank you for reaching out today. Although, I do wish it were under better circumstances. This sounds like an extremely frustrating situation. If I were in a similar situation, I'd be concerned too. I'd be happy to assist you with this. Please send me a private message with your full name, phone number, and email so I can see what's going on. To send it, click the blue button located under my signature.




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