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Car Audio Installation Complaint

Good Morning, 

  I am at such a level of frustration that I am not sure really where to start. I have endured this headache, spent way more than I should have and put way to much faith in the Evansville, IN Audio Installation Team.  

I received speakers for Christmas 2 years ago and was given 2 speakers to have a decent sound system. Long story short, my husband was talked into the 199.99 plan and when I had them installed it wasn't the sound that I felt that It should be! So after talking to John in the install bay at the local store, he states that they should have sold us a amp in order to get the crisp sound we wanted, so purchase # 2 install #2.  Then few months down took it back in it is popping when I turn the car off, insist to him that it is the amp. He tells me that he cannot find anything wrong, visit #3. Then it started to short out, I took it by there again and he insisted that there was nothing wrong again. I know my car and I am not making this up.  

They were shorting out again I videoed it and showed him and he said that it was the last of the factory speakers that was left, all the while this has been occurred over the last 2 years 5-7 visits. I had also had my radar detected in that time mounted and when they check my speakers some of the cord was pulled out and they never corrected it! So a few months ago I took it back to him and showed him that the left speaker is shorting out after replacing the factories and now he tells me that he cant find anything wrong, but that the core is blown and he can sell me a new pair for $120.00. I was hesitant since I have had so many problems already with them, but he told me that these were the new generation. Got my car back and now there are door tabs missing from the door panels, both speakers now short out when you hit a bump and a few times there has been when there is absolutely no bass at all in the speaker. It is beyond frustrating and embarrassing. I have called and left messages at the 4 digit extension so I know they are getting it. I can stop by there but they are always busy and I have two jobs, I have called and left a message.  I have paid three renewals for the geek squad 199.99 till i get this settled. I just want a radio that I paid for to work!!!!

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Re: Car Audio Installation Complaint



Thank you for reaching out here on the forums. We rely on our cars so much these days that I understand your frustration. I would be happy to look into this with you and help any way I can. To start, send us a Private Message with your full name, phone number, and email for verification purposes.

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