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Cannot reach customer support, when I do they hang up

I had a washer and dryer delivered yesterday. The dveliery team knicked and gouged my walls in several places. Naturally this upset me, and now for the last 24 hours you have found more ways to be frustrating.


I contacted your web chat team and explained what happened with my wall damage. The person I spoke to didn't seem to listen at all, she just asking me to confirm different pieces of information before telling me she could not help me and I'd have to call in. This took about 15 minutes of wasted time. I wish she had just said that from the beginning as I clearly explained my problem in my first message.


I called the support phone number, and the IVR said that hold times were about 15 minutes, it said I could recieve a callback instead of waiting on the phone. I pressed 1 and the IVR system said it would call me back.


About an hour later I still had not recieved a callback. By this time it was getting late so I waited until today to call in again as it seemed that getting supoprt from your company was going to require a lengthy amount of time invested.


I was right.


I waited on hold for 35 minutes, (system estimated wait time as 15 minutes again) anmd the rep that I spoke to was extremely rude. I explained what happened and my frustration in not recieveing a callback and the general lack of support from Best Buy and she just said "Ok".


This rep was extremely unhelpful. Eventually she simply hung up on me. I have called back in and am waiting on hold for 13 minutes as of this message.



Please just let me talk to someone who will listen.


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Re: Cannot reach customer support, when I do they hang up

Still on hold, up to 32 minutes



Can I get help with a price match here while I wait? As I sit here on hold I notice that every competitor is offering a better price.





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Re: Cannot reach customer support, when I do they hang up

No reply in 2 days, so let me provide an update.


The night I made the earlier post, 3-18, I eventually reached a rep after another 54 minutes on hold. This rep was polite, he did manage to process my price match. In regards to the wall damage, he told me he would start a claim with your 3rd party insurance provider.


He told me he had started the claim and that company would contact me "in 24-48 hours". I asked what recourse I had if they did not. I recieved this phone number for some 'special' Best Buy support line: 800 433 5778.


Before you reply with "BUT YOU SHOULD CALL THE 3RD PARTY COMPANY IF THEY DON'T CALL YOU WITHIN 48 HOURS", no, this will not be happening. If your insurance compnay cannot process this in the timeframe you have given, that is a problem for Best Buy to resolve with it's choosen subcontractors.


I will continue to contact the company which sold me these products. If you refuse to listen or help me, I will contact the BBB, local news teams, and begin engaging Best Buy on social media to share this story.




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Re: Cannot reach customer support, when I do they hang up

Greetings, Nick916,

Welcome to our online community, though I wish it were under happier circumstances.

Getting a new washer and dryer should be exciting (or, at the very least, a relief if your previous models gave out). I can understand how you're feeling about discovering damage to your home, as well as getting things corrected as quickly as possible. I'm happy to help with reaching out to see if there are any updates on the status of your claim, however, I will need some additional information to do so. Please keep an eye out for the envelope icon in the upper right-hand corner (you may be logged in to see it) for an incoming Private Message. If, for some reason, my message doesn't make it to you, you can connect with me privately using the button in my signature.


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