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Cannot Give My Money to Best Buy for a Remote Starter Kit!!!


This year, I decided I would get my wife a remote car starter kit, so of course, I immediately went to Best

I began shopping, and not only did I find a high-rated product that was within my budget, but that product came with free installation.  Sold! 

I even applied for the Best Buy credit card to help offset the cost.

However, the website prevented me from making the final purchase because the installation location I had selected did not have the parts needed to complete the install.  I was prompted to call or stop into the store.

OK, no problem.   I called the Best Buy in Towson, MD on November 26 at approximately 3:30 p.m.  It being the holiday season, I expected to wait on hold, and I did for 10 minutes before then being hung up on by the associate who answered the phone.

Accidents happen, so I called again, waited on hold again, got the same associate, who then proceeded to tell me that store could not answer specific questions regarding car installation and parts availability, so I would have to call the main 800 line.

I did.  Waited on hold, and got a gentleman who indicated he could assist me with my concern, but then he was unable to process the purchase with the Best Buy credit card unless I had it in hand.  I did not because I had just applied for it.

So, I waited for the card to arrive.  It came on December 4, and I started Tuesday, December 5 with the intention of getting this purchase done, and the installation scheduled.

I began by visiting the Best Buy in Nottingham, MD.  I was fairly certain this location did not do remote car start installs, but it’s close to my office, so I took a chance.

Though I walked out of the store without having purchased the kit or scheduled an installation, I took value from the visit because I learned about the Geek Squad appointment system.

I then called the 800 line and received a text with a link to schedule an appointment.  After going through that process, I learned that installation I wished to schedule would be over $300 by itself, not including the cost of the actual kit.

Wait what?  The website says that Compustar 2-Way Remote Start System, Model: CS4905S-KIT, SKU: 6269220 is $299.99 with “installation included.”  What is this extra $300 for?

So, I called the 800 line again, and asked what was reality?  Is installation included in the cost of the kit, or is it an extra $300?  The gentleman I spoke with could not answer this question, so I held back on making the purchase over the phone.

I then went online and scheduled a Geek Squad consultation appointment for 11:30 at the Towson, MD store (confirmation number NVC2XFW4).  When I arrived, my appointment was not listed, and after waiting in line, I was told car installations were part of a different system, and that the gentleman who handled this for that location had been in a car accident and was on leave, and the system should have never let me make the appointment in the first place.

At this point, I’m frustrated.

Asking if there was anyone who could answer a few simple questions for me, I stepped out of line, and was shortly met by Geek Squad member, Mike.  He wanted to help, but did not have the knowledge to answer my questions, so he took me back to the Home Theater section where he said the gentleman there could assist me.  That gentleman was assisting another customer and had a line of other folks waiting as well.

After 20 minutes of waiting, I left, and quite frankly depending on how you handle my concerns, I may never go back.

By my estimation, I have spent 6 hours of my time trying to buy something from Best Buy, but because I could not get an easy, clear answer to my concerns regarding that purchase, I’m still no closer than where I was yesterday morning.

None of this withstanding the complicated Geek Squad appointment scheduling system.  There was not one person in line with me yesterday that walked away satisfied. I even saw one gentleman storm off from the counter after the Geek Squad representative shrugged his shoulders at the man and said, “I have no idea.”

Does any of this seem right to you?  Has Best Buy put in place systems that are so convoluted and cumbersome that customers can no longer feel comfortable making a purchase? 


I await your prompt reply.

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Re: Cannot Give My Money to Best Buy for a Remote Starter Kit!!!



Anyone out there?!?!?

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Re: Cannot Give My Money to Best Buy for a Remote Starter Kit!!!

i'm in the same boat as you.

last year i purchased a car stereo with free installation and a code for free install was emailed to me.


this year i buy the compustar 4900-s kit that still says "installation included" on the website.  I have recieved emails on the order and nothing with a code for isntallation. so i call the 888 number because there is no way to email best buy and explain the situation.  call 1: several mintues of phone system menus you cannot bypass.  get to operator, give them bunch of information on the order, transfer me to another dept (geek squad) before transfer goes through get disconnected by them.


call 2: much the same as first but this time i first go to geek squad. they cannot help and transfer me back to main support, they can't do anything, go to transfer me again and get disconnected by them again!


now all of my calls probably went to india because they had very heavy accents and i could barely understand them.  ridiculous to make me do that when writing this info in email would be so much easier.  not to mention they don't know how to use the phone system and keep disconnecting people!!!


at this point i'm about to return the system and probably not buy anything from best buy for a very long time... if ever.


incredibly frustrated!!!

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Re: Cannot Give My Money to Best Buy for a Remote Starter Kit!!!

Sorry to hear that wonderiii. Two folks with the same problem and still no one from Best Buy wants to step in to help.
I wonder if a letter to corporate and the company board would do any good? If anyone cares, no doubt this is indicative of a serious systemic problem they’d want to know about.
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Re: Cannot Give My Money to Best Buy for a Remote Starter Kit!!!

The forums have up to a 7 day turn around time for a response from corporate, as they work on a first come, first serve basis.