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Can't make delivery on date that was agreed upon

I ordered an entire kitchen suite from ypubguys and agreed to a delivery date on April 1st 2019 with a six hour window between 12pm and 6pm and I even joked witht he guy that took my order that it BETTER not be an April fools joke for delivery, well turns out it was. About five o'clock I call the store asking if the delivery was going to be made. They tell me that it is rescheduled. I never recieved a phone call or email stating this until AFTER I called. First of all a six hour window is outrageous. Second when i called the store they told me that it was a mix up on their end with the computer system, which to me means "oops I messed up and dont want to tell anyone". Then begin to tell me that the next "available" date is April 9th. That is unacceptable. Now I have to take a second day off work to get a delivery that might not even show up? Is this really a joke to you guys? I dont work hourly I work piecemeal and dont get vacation so when i take off I dont get paid. When did delivery dates become a "well if we get there we get there and if we dont up yours" kind of mentality? Looking through the forums it doesnt look lime you guys know how to keep a delivery date. Youre supposed to be a tech seller and computers mess you up? You guys have a tech team called Geek Squad and you cant input data? My 4 yr old niece could do a better job than you guys. IF I keep the order active I will be up at the store every day to ENSURE that they know they have a delivery. And keeping my order depends on getting a better delivery date. I WILL NOT wait until next week to get this stuff as i had already disconnected and moved all of my appliances to make room fornthe delivery and now I have to hook them back up for a week and diconnect them again. NO. AINT Happening. They go back, they are staying and ill take my 6000 dollars elsewhere.
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Re: Can't make delivery on date that was agreed upon

Hi, Hickad,


New appliances are always so exciting, I'm sorry to hear that there may have been an issue with the order you placed. I would never want anything getting in the way of that excitement. 


I do apologize that we missed your anticipated delivery date. It sounds like you have already worked with our store to reschedule this delivery and I hope there is no further delays! If you are still in need of assistance, please don't hesitate to send us a Private Message with more information. 

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