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Camera istall, best Buy Wheaton MD.

I had an appoint earlier to have 3 channel camera installed in my car. I waited for this appointment for almost 2months if not more. I received a call from the install team, asking if I can bring my car early. Instead of 1130am, I brought the car at 9am. I was asked to leave the car the whole day, I did.

When I came back to pick up, I can tell from outside the car that it was not done right. The camera was installed too low, and I open the trunk and the wiring in there was not done right either but I can live with that. My biggest problem was the fiber from the ceiling lining sticking out. This is where they ran the cables. I told them I need that fixed, and the camera moved a little higher on the wind screen. They said they only way they would fix those things is, if I left the care till tomorrow, or set up another appointment for some time in December. Both options were unreasonable, because I waited for two months for this one. But I agreed to leave it. I got home and got a call a couple of hours later; they said it was ready. I asked if everything was done, especially the ceiling liner, he said they did their best but could not fix it. I told them that was unacceptable, I want my car back the way I brought it in. The rep said he will have his supervisor call me. I got the call from a guy, he identified himself as the shop manage. He at first said that nothing was wrong with the liner, then he said the right side of the liner is also like that, then he said I brought it in like that. At this point I ask him, how come he did not call to let me know that the liner was sticking out, knowing that they were going to tuck the cables in there? He refused to answer but went on tell me about stains on my glass and other irrelevant things. I told him I needed to know if they can give me my car the way I gave it to them, he said no. I said can I get my car now, he said they were about to leave in about 30mins. He was not interested to find out how long it took me to get there. I am without my car the whole day; I have work and kids to pick up and drop off to school tomorrow.

This is my first service with Best Buy and I was expecting a little more professionalism, forget customer service. I need a resolution fast.

I have already sent an email almost the same thing here, to the store directly yesterday, but I did not get a response.

Thank you.

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Re: Camera istall, best Buy Wheaton MD.

Hi, aloum4511,


Welcome to our Forums. We appreciate you taking the time to contact us here. I understand why you'd be disappointed with the customer service and experience you've described in your post. I would be happy to assist you with this where I can. In order for me to assist, kindly hit the blue Private Message button and respond with your name, phone number, and email.



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