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Buy from anywhere other than best buy

Mid May I walked into Best Buy planning to update my kitchen and buy a new dishwasher. The salesperson talked me up from FG that I wanted to a Samsung, let me know it would be a month to deliver and install and I agreed to let Best Buy do all the work and all I had to do was pay.
July 5th, the dishwasher arrived and was installed. After the first use, I noticed a draining issue. I used it one more time and then called Best Buy to let them know the problem and the True Best Buy Experience started.
I was told it was day 18 and they only support their products fir 15 days (later debunked if they do the install). I was told it’s a Samsung issue and deal with them. I expressed concerns that the water was draining onto the hardwood floors and ruining my kitchen.
After much back and forth (and the threat of dropping the washer on the front step of where I bought it and giving warning to potential future victims of Best Buy’s post purchase verbal jousting, the customer lack of service rep agreed to send a tech to the house 5 weeks later.
By the time he arrived, the kitchen floor was ruined and mold started. He said it was the washer and told me Bust buy would be in contact to replace. After a week and a half, I contacted Best Buy and was again told it’s a Samsung issue (later corrected). The Bust Buy lack of customer service agent informed me that Samsung will have to deal with the issue... and transferred me.
The Samsung rep told me he would “Open a case” leading me to believe something may actually happen and gave me a case number and said insurance would call to take care of the floor.
A week later Samsung had someone call and say they would come look at the unit to see if they can repair it. I asked that they simply bring a new unit as this one is clearly broken and moldy. It was explained to me that that was not an option, I would have to wait fior:
1. A person to inspect the installation (already done by Best Buy)
2. A tech to come inspect the unit
3. If it cannot be repaired, order a replacement
I went into Best Buy just before Labor Day and explained I intend to display said moldy dishwasher during their weekend sale and the manager opened an insurance claim and ordered a new washer to be dilivered
It has been 20 days and no call for insurance, the new washer has the same leaking issues and I cannot use that side of the kitchen barefoot because the wood has come loose on 7 planks. I went into the store today and the same manager gave me a phone number fir corporate and said they close at 4:30 central.
I called and was given the insurance companies name but when I asked for the phone number, was put on hold for 45 minutes before I hung up.

When did Best Buy take this route
I’ve bought my last 6 office computers, 3 refrigerators and a stove, not to mention countless Christmas gifts.

This post Covid screw the customer world sucks

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Re: Buy from anywhere other than best buy

It leaks all the time? Or just when it's draining? Best buy has a 15 day return policy unless you purchased a protection plan. Might be longer for the installation. If they determined it was an install issue then Sedgwick is Thier insurance company. If they determined it's a dishwasher issue and you don't have a protection plan then you would be stuck dealing with the manufacturer.
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Re: Buy from anywhere other than best buy

Hello, Beatbuysucks,


Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. While it is always nice to hear from a new member of our online community, I wish your first post had been related to a positive experience. The delivery and installation of a new appliance should be a seamless process. I am sorry to hear a leak caused some damage to your kitchen floor. As a homeowner myself, I understand why you’d be eager to have some closure to this matter. It sounds like your replacement dishwasher is also leaking, which is very surprising.


When it comes to claims of property damage, there is a process that must be followed, which involves working with the claim administrator. In this case, that would be Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc. Please know, our team would not have access to your claim, although it is important the proper steps are taken, to ensure a claim was properly initiated. That is something I can help with. I’d also like to learn more about the last dishwasher you had installed.


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