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Broken Treadmill and Unprofessional service


Here is a horror story: Never buy and get anything installed or delivered by BestBuy. Their incompetence is beyond comprehensible and BestBuy fails to acknowledge or correct issues.


I bought a Treadmill (Order: *********571) on 12/13/2020, and it was a Pro-Form Carbon T7, along with the service plan for 5 years and a complete install and delivery. I have installed two treadmills before, since they are quite heavy, I decided to get it done ‘professionally’ and I have never been that much wrong .


It was initially expected to be installed and delivered on 12/29, and upon completion of installation, the tech noticed the screen was cracked, un-operatable and it would not start. The box that they brought in was already not in a good shape and partially damaged before they started unpacking.


A replacement order was placed the next day, since until the techs go back and close the order, I cannot place a replacement as per BestBuy rep New order: *********356.


I specifically called best buy twice Jan 15th and once on Jan 17th to ensure that the new treadmill box is not damaged and ensure that they perform a quality check before bringing out. On the install date Jan 19th, and the tech that came tried to leave without giving the treadmill an initial start. When I asked, he started it, the treadmill made a huge noise and stopped. These guys had to read the manual, more than I would and I could clearly see that they had no idea what they were doing. The abruptly left stating that I should call BestBuy and get another replacement.


Then I called and a rep was sent to check the treadmill, Brandon was the assigned technician who specifically told me that the assembly job was bad, and they ended up starting without securing a bracket that ended up in the motor compartment, which cannot be opened by him and it is for the manufacturer to fix that.


Then I called and asked for help on this - the rep told me that she cannot do anything until the tech go back, give her a specific code so that this item could be returned. So, I got another appointment scheduled and waited another week.


Brandon called me on the day of appointment and said he had already checked everything, and he is out of options on the treadmill, and he had no idea about the code the phone rep asked. I should call again.


I called again for a return pickup - and then I thought I should try and get a treadmill; I was told that the same model is not available, and 505 CST is available, and it is similar. Absolutely zero mention of any needed code. (Under trained employees as well?) Since I was on the phone, I had no time to search and I just agreed. Then I noticed that the reviews are not as good and there are known quality issues.


So, I called in again, asked to cancel the order, and request a refund and pickup. Apparently, I have been told that the install charges cannot be refunded.


Then I reached out to Twitter support for BestBuy, who tell me that the best they can do is offer a 50$ gift card for a 200$ loss.


At this point:

I have lost 2 and a half months of time and 200$, because I decided to go with BestBuy. I ended up going to another store, ordered a treadmill, got it installed for 135$ - 4 Days later, and has absolutely zero issues and was installed by actual professionals.


BestBuy still refuses to refund the total amount. Nor they accept their responsibility.

  • A manufacturer will send a bunch of rocks packaged and Best buy has zero Quality checks- First failure. Despite multiple requests.
  • Their Geek Squad team is incompetent. They are there to give you a run around, never fix an issue and will run away if you ask them to fix. Second failure.
  • The processes of keeping orders open until the next day despite the customer complains is broken system. Third failure.
  • If you get something installed or delivered by them, Best buy does not care if that works or not, they charge 200$.

It is useless to be an Elite member – I will ensure that I am avoiding Best Buy as much as possible given their absolute horrific services and failure to do basic quality controls.



HJ .

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Re: Broken Treadmill and Unprofessional service

I just noticed , BestBuy actually responds to nearly all messages on these forums - NOT Mine . Posted since 02/28 , and no one bothered to respond . 


Great Service.

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Re: Broken Treadmill and Unprofessional service

Hello, hj_Chicago,


Thanks for following up on this matter through our forum. As you mentioned, we can see you were previously in touch with one of our specialists through Twitter, and we encourage you to follow up there if you need any additional support. If you need assistance with something else in the future, you're welcome to reach out to us here on the forum or on Twitter again as well. We'd be happy to assist.



Allison|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Broken Treadmill and Unprofessional service

Allison , 

I wish you spend a minutes or so to read what I wrote earlier. The conversation at Twitter already hit a dead-end, as it was not an accepted solution .I have lost nearly 3 months of time, and 200$ - The Twitter rep offered a 50$ giftcard , which was politely declined as the monetary loss is 200$ . 


I will go ahead with a formal complaint with BBB and will see if there is actually a way to escalate this. Since it is absolutely clear form your message that understanding or resolution of issues is not your or your social media team`s priority. Giving a run around and trying to silence is.


Thank you.