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Broke my 90 year old mother's front step and skedaddled

On December 28, BestBuy installation out of the Cleveland area delivered a dryer to my mother and temived both the old dryer and a stand up freezer.

5 minutes after they left, I went out the front door and discovered that the team had dropped one of the appliances on the front step and broke it.

I talked with the assistant manager of the store who referred it to escalation, saying that my mom would be contacted that afternoon.

After reading here, I see that the escalation team is useless.

What does it take to get Best buy to make this right?
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Re: Broke my 90 year old mother's front step and skedaddled



A return to the store was necessary.  We now have a Sedgwick claim on file and sent supporting documentation.  That was as of January 4.  


SInce then, there has been ZERO response from Sedgwick.  Calls to their toll-free number have been unanswered.  Emails have also been ignored.


My mom is 91 years old.  She needs her front steps!

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Re: Broke my 90 year old mother's front step and skedaddled

Good afternoon, ceolstan,


Thank you for reaching out to us on the Best Buy forum though I’m sorry for the delay in response! It sounds like this has been a quite frustrating situation for you and your mother all around, which isn’t what we like to hear. It’s important to have a safe entrance to a home, and I imagine that’s particularly pressing if there could be other potential mobility concerns.  


Regarding filing a claim with Sedgwick Claims Management Services, generally speaking, giving them a call at (800) 620-7409 should be a great way to start the claim process. To check the status there is a different phone number which is 855-832-1338. It sounds like you’ve already called that number without receiving a status update, so I’ll be more than happy to see what I can do to reach out to Sedgwick on your behalf. For me to do that, I’m sending you a private message to ask for some additional details. You should be able to view that by logging into the forum and selecting the envelope icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen shortly.


Thank you,

Kayla|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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