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Brandon, FL Best Buy Experience - HORRENDOUS

Hello - below is my detailed experience on buying a $4,000 TV and Sound bar set up with "free delivery."  I shared this email with the GM in the area, Jay James, and receieved no response, so it seems as though no one at Best Buy gives a crap anyway.  I never post stuff like this online, but this experience as resulted in me doing everything to get people to go with another provider outside of BestBuy.


  • 8/26: My wife and I stopped into your Best Buy and made a $4,000 purchase on a TV/Soundbar combo and opened a credit card with your team.
    • The team-member, Nick, told me that he would schedule a delivery and set up of the devices after I left and would give me a confirmation call no later than the next morning.  He gave me a timeline of getting the TV installed by 9/7, just in time for Week 1 of the NFL (which is why I purchased).
  • 8/27 afternoon: Still hadn't heard back, I decided to just do it myself (online) as I was sick of waiting, and did so for that Saturday.
  • 8/30: I went online and noticed that my appointment had been cancelled, so I called into Best Buy and sat on hold for 40 minutes where I was told the rep I worked with incorrectly entered my purchase, so I was only going to be delivered the soundbar... this resulted in her having to merge the purchases and reschedule me for 9/14 and missing Week 1 of the NFL.
  • 9/4: My wife received a call from Nick telling me that my appointment had been rescheduled again and that I wouldn't be getting it until a later date.  I spoke with him and he "escalated" my issue saying he would get the TV to me by 9/10.
  • 9/10: Received no notice all day and around 3PM a gentleman from Best Buy calls telling me that I would not receive my TV today but he will fit me in on 9/12 from 12-4.
  • 9/12: Finally the day has arrived... I don't receive a confirmation call until 4 that my guy won't be here until 5PM.  When he shows up, he has no tv OR soundbar and was simply told this would be an install, to which I said no and decided to come on-site to your store to handle this situation.
    • Side note: this installer actually called your store out and said it was the most difficult one to work with when it came to installs.  
  • 9/12 (on-site): I sit in your store from 5:30-7 only to be told that my order is all screwed up and they would take off $150.  They said they didn't know when the reschedule would happen but will call me the next day to figure it out.
  • 9/13: I finally receive a call to be told that the install wouldn't happen until late next week, but you had the product in house and can come get it and do it myself.   I was so discouraged that I spent $50 on a rental truck AND $150 on a tool set just to get my TV and Soundbar and do it myself.
  • 9/14: I decided to go online this morning and look online, only to find that the "discount" I was given is simply the manufactures discount they added to the product this week.  
Needless to say, this experience will result in me never going to your Brandon location and quite possible avoiding Best Buy for years to come.  
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Re: Brandon, FL Best Buy Experience - HORRENDOUS

Hey, MinnesotaMan,


Thanks for reaching out and sharing this experience with us. I can't make any excuses, we dropped the ball here. We strive for much, much better service than this and I totally understand your frustration. A new TV and soundbar set up is supposed to be a fun purchase, and just in time for NFL season is even more exciting. I'm sorry that we dimmed this experience for you by our installation and delivery delays. 


Please send me a private message with your full name, email, and phone number and I'd be happy to make sure this feedback is formally documented. I'd also like to look into this and see if there is anything additional I could do to help. You can send me a message by clicking the blue button in my signature below.




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