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Bosch Dishwasher Installation/Delivery Constantly Rescheduling and No Service

I am beyond frustrated at this point with Best Buy. Never had I experienced anything like this in my life and the customer service follow-through is really lacking. Over the past few weeks I have made so many calls to Best Buy, and all I get is "Well all we can do is reschedule you in a few days" from the Geek Squad. I have even tried to call the store where the item is coming from and all I get is ringing. This is a serious issue and it needs to be resolved!


First its supposed to be delivered on July 7th(I took Paid Time Off for this day too!), then I get asked to reschedule because my dishwasher is on backorder then rescheduled for July 11th, then I get asked to reschedule for July 15th. They cancelled on me 3 hours later and had to call Best Buy again to setup for the 15th. Now its set for July 18th. I have already been told its on backorder and they have no idea when they are getting their next order coming in. A lady named Janet was helping me with this issue, but after one call she made I couldn't get to the phone in time. She never left me a direct number to call her back.


Why wasn't a dishwasher reserved back when I ordered this on June 2nd?! Now I am getting told to select something else after waiting over a month, this is completely unacceptable! I was excited about this dishwasher and now I am constantly having to wait every 3-4 days hoping it gets back in stock! Can someone please help me with this issue?!?!?