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Bestbuy/Sedgwick what a hassle!

My daughter has been dealing with this problem below. I was the original purchaser but it was her home that recieved this delivery/ damage. We need something done about this. Her home is brand new and this needs to be taken care of. (See below)


This has probably been the worst customer care I have ever delt with. My husband and I purchased some appliances from the Best Buy Outlet store in Lynnwood, WA. We purchased a fridge, gas range, washer and dryer. We had them held at the store as we were moving into our brand new house. We were supposed to have them delivered December 3rd. We didnt end up getting them until December 12th.  I had to take 2 days off of work to wait for them. Because of course it cant be easy and they cant arrive when the scehduled time is. I had no issues (besides it being late) with the gas range, washer and dryer. However I did have an issue with the fridge delivery. On December 12th I recieved two different deliveries the first being the gas range, washer and dryer. The people delivering it seemed professional and installed it with ease. The fridge delivery (installed by a different delivery man) I was not so lucky. They were supposed to arrive at 3pm. Called me and said they were running late and would be there closer to 5pm. Called me again and said they were running late still and would be there at 5:30. The arrived around 5:45 that night.


Three guys showed up to deliver the fridge. It's a big fridge and I just moved into my brand new home which is a townhouse with split levels. Meaning they did have to move the fridge up a flight of stairs. When they came they spent a good 20-30 mins trying to figure out how to get it through the door. They took off the fridge doors, threw pieces on the ground outside (very unprofessional.) They clearly did not know how to move an appliance, as I could see that it would clearly fit had they moved it in straight (which they were not doing.) They finally got it in, they used the handtruck to move it up the stairs. I could hear the fridge scraping across the walls. As they were becoming careless with it. When they got up to the first landing there are a couple more stairs. Instead of reponsitioning themselves they proceeded to turn the fridge around letting the hand truck and the fridge scape against the walls, scrape a new pantry door, they put a gouge in my hand rail. Then they moved up the stairs and to get the fridge standing upright one of the movers leaned it against our kitchen island. He got his butt up on the counter and held it as the others pushed. He must have been wearing something that was sharp because he scaped the stone on the island. The way they had the fridge positioned as they were brining it up the last few stairs it was slanted and they took bits out of my brand new hard wood floors! They threw their sweatshirt and nasty hat on my new couch. SO UNPROFESSIONAL!!!! Seriously the worst movers ever!


THATS NOT EVEN THE WORST PART THOUGH...when they finally got the fridge in I asked them what they were going to do about the damages done. They said, "Well if you tell someone about this we will get paid less." I proceeded to tell them this is a brand new home and they are responsible for the damages because they did it during moving. They kept insisting they would get less pay. THATS NOT MY PROBLEM!!! There was 3 guys that moved the fridge and they all were making mention of this. They even tried to get me to sign a release of liability. Which ovbiously I DID NOT sign!


Since then I have have contacted Geek Squad. Talked to Gerado (removed per forum guidelines) who was really apathetic to my situation and gave me some great info. Got me quickly connected with someone. But since then the ball has totally dropped on Best Buy's third party who handles claims- Sedgwick. I dont even know why they bother having phone's...they never answer. Doesnt matter what time of day I call. It looked hopefull at first that things would get resolved but I am becoming less and less hopefull. I spoke with a Callie (removed per forum guidelines) who was in charge of my claim. She sent me off to a third party insurance stating that it was that company that moved the fridge, that company I spoke with and they said they were the ones that delivered the washer, dryer and gas range and not the fridge. Then I was passed along to a Nicole (removed per forum guidelines)  from Sedgwick who made 1 phone call that I missed and since then I have heard nothing. I have tried to email and call. I have contacted the claim exaiminers to try and reach out, they gave me Matt (removed per forum guidelines) number a supervisor. I have not revieved any phone calls back and have tried to call him. This is so exhausting...all I want is the damages fixed that Best Buy made through delivery. It's a brand new home and it is an eye sore now all the scapes on the walls, gouges in the hand rail, scapes on the door and the kitchen island and chips of my hardwood floor destryoed.


I am really at a loss of what to do. No one will get back to me. No matter how many voicemails I leave, emails I make. Can someone please help me out!

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Re: Bestbuy/Sedgwick what a hassle!

Good Afternoon BigMike2,


Purchasing a home is a very exciting experience! Thank you for choosing Best Buy for some new items for your daughter’s new home. We can only imagine your disappointment regarding the issues you had with our third-party delivery and installation partners. This is not the kind of experience we'd like our customers to have when choosing us, we’d be happy to see what kind of assistance we may be able to offer.


Partnering with Sedgwick Claim Management services regarding the damages present would be the correct option available to move forward with getting assistance with this matter. Sedgwick would be best positioned to continue to assist you and facilitate any action regarding your claim. We’re sorry to hear that more than one case manager hasn’t followed through, but we’d be happy to see what kind of update we can request on your behalf. Can you please send us a private message with your full name, phone number, email address, and Sedgwick claim number? A private message can be sent to us by choosing the blue “Private Message” button near my signature. We look forward to your reply.



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Re: Bestbuy/Sedgwick what a hassle!

There is no signature present, and no option for private message. Not surprising since every part of this claims process has been a joke
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Re: Bestbuy/Sedgwick what a hassle!

Hello BigMike2,


Welcome back to our community.  If you're accessing our forums here from a desktop computer, there should be a blue button labeled "Private Message" in my signature below across from my name.  If you're viewing our forums on a mobile device, you can send me a private message with the requested information by tapping on my username above and selecting the "Send Private Message" button at the top of my profile page.


I look forward to hearing from you.

Sam|Retired Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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