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Best Buy refusing to refund/exchange defective range within 15 days of purchase

Hello all,

I purchased a new Insignia 4.8 cu ft freestanding electric convection range with steam cleaning range, SKU 6421423 and model number NS-RGFESS1  from Best Buy that was delivered on 4/23/2001.  The range does not work.  It takes over 2 hours to preheat, and won't reach above 350 degress F.  Once it finally did reach 350, I said oh forget it, I have to put this stuff in the oven.  I put the food it and the oven the oven gave an error code and cut off! I was thankfully sitting right beside the kitchen and heard the beep, so I went back and kept turning the oven on again.  The temperature probably wasn't even 350, as it was only reading 285 F.  I had to stay right by my oven and keep turning it back on, as it kept givig the error code.  My ten minute cook time turned into 3 hours. 


I called Best Buy at 800-304-1259 and had a very nice represenative try to process an exchange, when she met an error code.  Turns out, this model of range is no longer available on the Best Buy website (probably because it's a piece of garbage). Take note, this was NOT a clearance item and there was no indication that the range was an outdated model or to be discontinued on the website.  


She escalated the problem and told me she would call me back in 2 days to update me.  I never received a call so I called back at the same number.  I was transferred to the 888-Best-Buy generic number and went through the whole process again, only to receive the same outcome. No one can process the return or exchange, no one can issue a refund, no one can get me a new oven until they can figure out this "glitch" in their system.  They can't give me a date for future resolution, either.  I escalated to a manager and was told "hopefully in a week or so they will fix it.  We just have to wait" and was told they would "make an exception" to the 15 day exchange timeframe, since we will be at that point in 2 days.  The manager, Andrea, said she had no supervisor and no one to contact who could actually resolve the issue.  She basically told me too bad, we will get to it when we get to it.  Meanwhile,  I have no working oven going on a month now and no way to feed my children.  


I find it hard to believe that there's no way to contact a human who has enough brain cells to realize that the item is no longer sold by best buy, and to process a refund and create a new bill for a new, different range.  My only solution was to be billed for a second item while the hopefully, maybe, one day figure out how to get this useless lump of metal out of my kitchen.  


Does anyone know how to get a real human who could see the problem with a discontineud item that will likely NEVER be back on the website?? I'm super frustated with this entire sitaution that should be so easy to fix, yet a discontinued item has everyone puzzled.  

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Re: Best Buy refusing to refund/exchange defective range within 15 days of purchase

Welcome to our community, bgalloway,


Thank you for reaching out to us. A new range would be a great investment in any home, and it should also be able to provide many years of faithful service. I can understand your desire to ensure that the unit can create and maintain a consistent temperature, and I’m glad that you’ve come to us for assistance. I’d be happy to take a deeper look into the situation and see if we can get that return order set up for you. To get started, can you please send me a private message with your full name, email address, and phone number? You can send me a private message by logging into the forum and clicking on the blue button across from my signature on this post.

Scott|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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