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Best Buy loses another good customer

Made an order over $6600 from Best Buy. TV, some miscellaneous items that were quickly picked up curbside but the main portion of the order was 4 Samsung appliances (entire kitchen, refridgerator, electric range, microwave and dish washer). All the high-end pieces in that nice Tuscon Stainless Steel. Along with that I ordered installation services but only for the Microwave and Dishwasher (the intallation for the electric range was free) and, of course, all the installation kits for each appliance.
Best Buy ran a nice sale on the items back in June and July (I think for Labor Day). I ordered July 7th. At first the website told me they appliances would be delivered within two weeks, if my memory serves me correctly. That is when the fun began. Within 3 days I received a message that my scheduled delivery could not be fulfilled and the new date would be August 7th. Ok, a month of waiting, bad but not terrible. Unfortunately, the Delta variant of Covid started to explode and my wife asked to cancel the installations as she did not want anyone to come into the house. I called to cancel the installations and was told to just tell the delivery person not to install them and then call back to cancel the service.

August 7th arrives and the refrigerator, dish washer and microwave arrive. Um, where is the electric range? I was told the warehouse does not know and that maybe it "is backordered or something". I call and I am told that my electric range is, in fact, backordered and that I will be contacted (who knows when) when it becomes available. Meanwhile that entire amount of my order is put on my Best Buy visa which I opened up specifically for this order. At the same time I cancel the two installation charges and am told the genius that delivered the appliances marked that he also completed the installs which he didn't. Furthermore the stupid kit for the dishwasher was missing the most crucial piece, the 90 degree elbow adapter for the drain hose which I had to run to Home Depot to purchase (I just love paying twice for things). To cancel the installation charges it only took 8 phone calls and 32 days to show up on my Best Buy card and it was only because the last person I talked to did it directly while I was on the phone with them. Whoever they "send the information" to in Geek Squad, it doesn't work. No information goes anywhere and you are left in limbo.

Then, after a few more calls trying to find out when this special backordered range will be available I finally give up and just wait for an email. It finallay arrives on SEPTEMBER 13th that my electric range needs to be rescheduled for delivery and I can easily do it from the Best Buy website. Guess what? No, I get a message to call all my friends on the wonder "someone will be with you in under 3 minutes" phone number ... I still have that music playing in my head from the hours I listened to it.
I try to schedule my delivery and they have the nerve to tell me that "according to the warehouse" it was already delivered. Great. I wasn't worried at that point because Best Buy's system knows I need to reschedule so they know I don't have the range. Apparently the genious that said he completed the installs also said he delivered the whole order. And the standard, we will forward this to the right people and you can expect a call with 24 to 48 hours.

(September 15th) 

Me: Where is my range? 

Geek Squad: We will forward this again for immediate response and you will be contacted within 24 to 48 hours.

Me: Noooo .... you will call me tomorrow with a date and time of its arrival at my house.

(September 16th)
Me: You didn't call.

Geek Squad: Yeeeaaahhh, ummm, it seems the item is backordered again now.

Me: Cancel the order, I will buy it elsewhere.


AND FOR THE KICKER ... the electric range cost me $1619 plus tax (9.75% where I live) for a total of $1776.85
You know what I was refunded? $1376.58

So for the last few days I have been trying to find out why ...


And I am told, oh, the prices for all 4 appliances were reduced by 10% because it is like a package deal but since you cancelled one, you lose the package price and have to pay the 10% on the other 3 appliances.


Which I said, it is no my fault your company has not been able to fulfill the order in over 10 weeks when your competitors are delivering the product in 9 days.


So after waiting 10 weeks and having the item fall back into backorder due to the incompetence of the delivery driver that marked my electric range being delivered, I am getting 10% added onto the other 3 applicances I did receive.

I will NEVER, EVER buy another item from Best Buy. Not a cable, not TV, not even copy paper. Too bad too, I will be buying a new Samsung washer and dryer soon ... you know the nice high end ones in that champange color. Either I will stick with Home Depot that will be delivering my range on this Tuesday or maybe Lowes will have a sale going on soon. I don't know ... I can get 10% off from Lowes just because I am veteran too.

Take care Best Buy. You lost another customer.

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Re: Best Buy loses another good customer

Hi there, ChrisL_TN1,


Thank you for taking the time to stop by our community forums to let us know about your experience with this order. Having had major appliances stop working in the past, I know that I would want this delivery completed as quickly as possible. While we do our best to provide accurate estimates, some manufacturers are experiencing delays due to global supply chain issues.


I'm disappointed to hear that the decision was made to cancel this range delivery and that this experience will impact your future purchasing decisions. I hope we have another opportunity in the future to provide you a better shopping experience. If you need any assistance at that time, please don't hesitate to reach out.



AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Best Buy loses another good customer

Exactly the response I would expect. The first delivery guy marks an undelivered item as delivered, I notify Best Buy's customer service and nothing is done causing me (the customer) to miss another delivery while the product that I order is distributed to someone else and another backorder occurs due to global supply chain delays (as stated).


I didn't have an issue with the global supply chain delay, I waited for it to become available. What I did have an issue with is the incompetence of your customer service not to have fixed the problem of it being marked as delivered. That is what caused what would have been a second delay. The fact that I canceled the item and the prices of my other items were changed to be 10% higher is what I have issue with. The electric range being cancelled due to Best Buy's incompetence should not have broken the "package price", especially because the prices were never disclosed as being specially priced as a package at time of purchase.


But, again, it is about $400 and Best Buy cannot survive without that money. I can guarantee, though, that Best Buy will lose much more in the future from me shopping elsewhere. Yet, as a giant global company, who cares about one customer right?


Also, Andrew B ... don't hold your breath for another opportunity to provide me with a better shopping experience. As I stated your company lost a good customer, forever.