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Best Buy just lost a customer

Bought 4 appliances on July 15th - fridge, microwave, stove, and dishwasher from Kitchenaid after being upsold from LG from the in-store sales associate. Little did I know this would quickly become the worst decision I've made (surprisingly) since COVID started.


I bought all 4 appliances under the notion that as long as I scheduled a delivery further out (i.e. September 5th), my order would be prompt and on time. Being as naive as I was, I went ahead and underwent a kitchen renovation to prep for my new appliances and timed the renovation to finish on September 3rd, just in time for my September 5th delivery. I even had the audacity, no the GALL to trust in Best Buy to deliver my appliances on September 5th, that I asked them to haul-away my perfectly good stove and refrigerator because ultimately it was getting in the way of the kitchen renovation. 


So I call in to ask Best Buy if they would be so kind as to move my appointment up maybe till September 4th, so I wouldn't need to wait an extra day, because at this point I'm getting sick of eating out during my renovation. That's when I found out (TWO WEEKS BEFORE MY EXPECTED DELIVERY DATE WITH NO COMMUNICATION BETWEEN THE TIME I PURCHASED AND WHEN I CALLED IN) that my range and fridge wouldn't be delivered till OCTOBER 5th. 


Now, I understand there are supply chain/production issues right now with a pandemic - but that isn't a valid excuse to forgo proper customer service for me to find out about these delays only when I've called in. In addition, this situation could've been completely avoided if they had told me in advance, and I could've just SAVED my fridge and range to use in the interim. 


Instead, a complete blunder on Best Buy's part has cost them a customer for good.