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Best Buy delivers damaged appliances. Save your money.

Check your deliveries before the driver leaves. Don't let them rush you like they rushed me. I ordered a washer and dryer to be delivered Aug 15th. First the driver tried to tell me they wouldn't fit in the stackable closet. I meausred everything before purchasing btw. I have a town house so the stairs are intimidating to the delivery people. I knew the items would fit in the closet. The driver then states "best buy should charge more for the stacking because this install is hard". I'm not sure what this had to do with me as a consumer.  The items were unpakcaged on my front lawn and on the first flight of stairs the dryer hit the the baseboard on the stair. After the install the driver tried to get me to quickly sign the paper without viewing the work. I told him I needed to check the items. Here's the kicker, the driver placed a sticker over the dent on my $800 washing machine. I go back and check the dryer and the door is severly scratched as well.  I feel like I was deceived and my $1734.93 was stolen from me. Try getting a hold of customer service when you have an issue and I promise your outcome will be the same. I am in the process of contacting BBB and I am actively looking for all the corporate executive emails. People should not have to go through this. If anyone has any coporate information or any contacts for local news outlets in Maryland please let me know. Thanks!