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Best Buy delivered two damaged freezers, wasted hours of our time, extremely unhelpful

We've been the recipients of two damaged freezers. What was supposed to be a gift has become a massive headache--hours spent on the phone with support; support staff telling us that a replacement has been ordered only to find out that it hasn't; supervisors telling us that they can't help us fix this situation because technically no damage was done to our home. We've now spent two weeks with damaged freezers in the basement, the latest one still in its boxed because the corner is so damaged I saw it with the box barely off.


This is unbelieveable. All I want is for Best Buy to pick up the damaged product, and replace it with an undamaged one. An undamaged product should be the expectation when you purchase something NEW.


Best Buy, please help me. My wife is so upset that she has cried on the phone with support just to get someone to listen and help her. Is this the kind of business you intend to run?