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Best Buy cost me an extra $350

I ordered a refrigerator from Best Buy. They were supposed to install the new one and remove the old one.


They came and brought in the new one but would not remove the old one. Why? Because it was connected to a plastic tube. WHAT? So they left the new one and the old one sitting in my kitchen and told me to call a plumber to disconnect the plastic tubing. That cost me about $350. Only then did they come back and remove the old fridge. I was already stretched thin regarding my finances. I didn't need to be blindsided by this news.


I was given a Best Buy gift card for another reason; but I can't use the gift card to help pay my bill. That's a whole other issue.


Please put a notice on the site that refrigerators or any appliances such as dishwashers with plastic tubing will not be serviced or removed.