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Best Buy/XPO Installation gone wrong

On February 22, 2019 I had my birthday present delivered and installed. It was a full kitchen appliance set which included a dishwasher, stover, microwave and refrigerator. Long story short as the installers were leaving and I was closing my entrance door behind them, I notice my screen door wouldn’t close by itself like normal I had to pull it closed. Then I went to close my main door and that door wouldn’t close, it kept hitting the wall. I notice the door was off the henges and my Kēvo lock no longer worked. Every time I have to open or close my door I have to lift it back into the henges, close it and manually lock my door. I also have to pull my screen door closed. This is extremely hard to do while carring my 11months old baby in and out of the house. This is also very unsafe because anyone can just blow my door off the other 2 henges and come into my home. There was also wall damage, which I have no problem fixing myself. The geek squad completed an escalation and sent me off to Sedgwick who put me back off to XPO. XPO calls and stated they wanted to come back to my home with the installers to take pictures, claiming they took pictures before hand without my permission and are pretty much denying my claim. I really don’t like how this is being handled, I have my own pictures, video and a estimate that I should be able to send to the insurance and get this handled quickly. Now I have to waste 4 hours out of my day waiting for them to come take pictures I already have, and wait till they figure out how much they are willing to cut me a check for if they even feel the need to. I wish Sedgwick would just handle the issue. I’m ready to just fix my door for my family’s safety, and never every shop at Best Buy again.
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Re: Best Buy/XPO Installation gone wrong

Greetings, Mzebone, 


Although, I'm grateful you stopped by to share with us your installation experience with our 3rd party company, I do wish we were able to meet under better circumstances.  Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to point you in the right direction to get in touch with the correct support team.  


Can you let me know if you've had the chance to work with Sedgwick, or have you only spoken with XPO?  If you're needing the assistance of Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc, they can be contacted at (800) 620-7409.  They'll gather all required information to initiate the claim process, but if you've already received a Claim ID number from them, please send me your full name, phone number, email address, and the ID number so that I can reach out to their support on your behalf.  


Thank you for the clarifications, and please keep this information away from the public by sending me a private message by clicking the blue button in my signature line below. 

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