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Best Buy Ruined My First-Time Homebuyer Experience Indefinitely

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To Whom It May Concern:

I am a first-time homebuyer, having just moved into a newly built home in Austin, Texas. My boyfriend and I decided to purchase our washer, dryer, and fridge from Best Buy, expecting a smooth and positive transition into our new home. However, this entire experience has been nothing short of exhausting, time consuming, stressful, and absolutely awful. I am completely appalled and disappointed by the lack of organization, the nonexistent communication, the absence of empathy, and the inability of your team to resolve basic customer services issues. I have now devoted 3 weeks to over 20 calls with Best Buy and have had over 9 hours of conversations with no ultimate resolution.  Furthermore, I have spoken to over 10 different case managers at this point with, again, no ability to help or compensate for the many issues we have faced.

On Friday, January 4, our first night in the brand new home, we took the day off work for the arrival of our appliances. The installation technician arrived late to install our new washer, dryer, and fridge. He did not apologize for being late and rushed through the installation. We signed off thinking everything was fine, and we left for dinner. We returned roughly 2 hours later to find that our first floor bathroom was completely drenched in water just pouring down through the ceiling fan. We ran upstairs to find that the hose attached to the back of the washer was improperly installed (not tightened firmly enough), and the water was seeping through the 2nd floor utility room down into the bathroom. Luckily, my boyfriend was able to tighten the hose and shut off the water, but it was too late, as it had been leaking through for over 2 hours. We called Best Buy, and we were informed that no one could come with a new washer until Monday. Furthermore, we were never provided any information addressing the property damage. As such, we took Monday off work to be there for the replacement washer installation. No one showed up. I, again, called Best Buy and was directed to speak with someone else (this was now the 4th person I had connected with). They informed us that we were scheduled for Wednesday, January 9 for the installation. No one had mentioned this before, nor had anyone reached out to us to let us know this was the date for installation. So, again, we took another day off work. Furthermore, we started noticing that all the food we had purchased (over $250 worth) had frozen in our fridge.

On Wednesday, January 9, we received a call that they were running late to arrive. They ended up arriving over 2 hours late, and they didn't even have a new washer with them. They confirmed that the washer was not defective and that it was clearly an installation issue, but that it does warrant getting a new once since it had now been sitting in water for over 5 days. I, again, called Best Buy to explain the confusion with the delivery schedule, the delay, the fact that we still didn't have a functioning washer, and to mention the fridge freezing our food. I ended up having to connect with 3 different people that day, and I was told that no one could come install the new washer until Saturday and that they would get back to me about the repair for the fridge. I emphasized that I wanted the specific team that had arrived on Wednesday to be the ones installing my washer on Saturday.

On Saturday, January 12, the installation technician arrived to install our new washer and remove the old one. Despite my request, and my previous experience, they sent the SAME installation technician who messed up the first time. In addition, when we explained the situation to him, he didn't apologize or take any responsibility, but instead said "Yeah, Friday was a long day. It must have been defective." It was an awful experience and again, I called Best Buy, speaking to yet another case manager. After another 45 minutes of explaining myself, I was told that we would receive 3 phone calls the following week, as well as an email regarding the property damage claim, since nothing had been received yet.

1) A call on Monday in regards to the fridge repair as well as next steps for the food spoilage issue.

2) A call on Wednesday from the original case manager from the incident on January 4 (Gloria, was her name) to discuss Best Buy's compensation for all we had dealt with

3) A follow up call on Friday from the case manager I was currently speaking with to follow up on everything.

I did not receive a phone call from ANYONE at Best Buy. On Tuesday, January 15, we received a text message that someone was coming to repair the fridge, so again, we took another day off work. He arrived late that evening and told us that the fridge was defective, which is why it was freezing everything. He said we should just get a new fridge since it arrived defective. So, we went to Best Buy again that night to purchase a new fridge. We were told that we should receive the fridge by Monday, January 21. We still did not receive a call regarding the food spoilage, or the compensation.

On Friday, January 18, I called Best Buy again and was on the phone for another hour. I was told that I should hear from the original case manager soon and that I should be receiving an email regarding the food spoilage as well. I have yet to receive either. Furthermore, the only compensation we were granted for all of this was a $150 gift card... absolutely degrading for the amount of time, investment, stress, and anxiety this situation has caused.

On Saturday,  January 19... today, we received a call from Best Buy saying that the fridge delivery is delayed and would not arrive until Thursday, January 24. I am at a loss of words. We have lived in a brand new home with no functioning fridge for over two weeks, and now you want us to wait another week. I called Best Buy again to reach some supervisor of some sort, but again was directed to another case manager, to whom I had to repeat and review all my grievances with no resolution. I decided to cancel my new fridge order, since it's obvious that nothing goes as planned with Best Buy; however I confirmed that I would still like the defective fridge removed. I had a scheduled window for removal of the fridge for 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM Central, so again I left work early. It is now 6:00 PM, and no one has called me or arrived to remove this defective fridge.

At this point, I am scarred by how awful this experience has been. It has ruined all the joys that should come with being a new homeowner. It is clear to me that customer service is not at all a key investment for your company. There is a clear lack of empathy and competency that far exceeds anything I have ever experienced. Apparently, I still have two open and unfulfilled claims, one for property / water damage and one for spoiled food. I don't have a functioning fridge. I can't get back all the time and energy I had to put into this ridiculous situation. And I am exhausted.

I am sending this final note in hopes that there is an ounce of humanity that exists within your corporation to compensate us and resolve the laundry list of grievances listed above.

A very concerned customer,

Shawdee {removed per forum guidelines}

{removed per forum guidelines}

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Re: Best Buy Ruined My First-Time Homebuyer Experience Indefinitely

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Re: Best Buy Ruined My First-Time Homebuyer Experience Indefinitely

Hello Shawdee, 


Firstly, congratulations on your new home and welcome to Austin! I live in Dallas, but welcome all the same! 


I am sorry to hear that your experience didn't go as great as we would have hoped. Case managers within our department are supposed to take over and be the single point of contact, so it's troubling to hear that you've spoken with 10 people and still do not have a resolution. I'd like to change that experience and be the one to help you going forward. 


I can look into the damage claim for the water damage that you have told me about here, and we will have that addressed as soon as possible. I also understand you're stating that the fridge froze the food. I do apologize for the same technician being sent out, oftentimes in certain areas we may only have one technician that is "skilled" for the installation needed. 


This is certainly not the type of customer service that we would hope you experience, so I want to look into getting this resolved myself and I will look into any potential discounts for the troubles. 


Please send me a private message using the link in my signature below, and confirm your full name, phone number, and email address. I'd be happy to get started on this for you.



Natalie|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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