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Best Buy - Multiple Failed Deliveries

Nearly two weeks ago, my wife and I purchased a washer and dryer for our new home. Since then Best Buy has failed to deliver to us twice and the dirty laundry is literally piling up.


Attempted Delivery 1:



The first delivery was scheduled for Saturday 1:30-3:30pm. At 1pm Saturday I receive a call saying my delivery could be as late as 6pm, and that they could not give me any details beyond that. I call back at 2:30 and there are still several deliveries ahead of me, but all that dispatch is able to tell me is that it’s “more than an hour away”. This is the phrase they would continue to use each time I called them for the next 6 hours. I was told at 5pm that only a few deliveries were ahead of me, however at 8pm I was told that the driver had not moved in the past 3 hours. Apparently he had violated the company’s policy and was spending that time taking difficult to remove appliances out of a window rather than completing his deliveries for the day. At 8pm I’m told that the delivery is not going to happen since they stop delivering at 9pm, and I call Best Buy. While waiting on hold, dispatch calls me back at 8:30 and says the truck is going to come after all. I wait until 9:20 before calling dispatch, as the truck never came. So my entire day was wasted.


The following day I spoke to the store manager, who did his best to assure me that my concerns were being met and the issue was being escalated. My delivery was rescheduled for the following Thursday, as that was the next available date and no Best Buy employee was capable of making it sooner. Best Buy corporate called with a token compensation offer, which I took, since everyone makes mistakes and the store assured me the next delivery would go smoothly.


Attempted Delivery 2:


My next delivery was scheduled for Thursday 11am-1pm. I call dispatch frequently from my office in the morning and they assure me the driver will call me with 20-30 minutes of notice prior to arrival. I do not get such a call, but I do receive a call at 12:55pm that the driver is less than 10 minutes away.


I then take the afternoon off work and take a rush cab home to make sure the delivery occurs. Upon arrival, the delivery driver informs me that the box with the dryer has external damage. He then opens the box and finds that the entire side of the dryer is dented in and it is unusable.


The driver claimed that the box was already damaged when he loaded it at the warehouse that morning. Rather than call me and cancel, the driver claimed it is the Best Buy warehouse’s policy to load clearly externally damaged goods, attempt delivery, and only open the package at arrival. The delivery driver called the goods in as “damaged at the warehouse”, but he told Best Buy that the camera at the warehouse was not working so all he had was a picture on his phone. This seemed a bit suspicious and the driver was no more help to me.


The store has assured me that we can reschedule my delivery, again, for Monday. They also told me I should receive another call from Best Buy corporate regarding compensation for my lost time yesterday, however I have not received any call. If I do not hear from someone today, I plan to cancel the order and purchase from another retailer.

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Re: Best Buy - Multiple Failed Deliveries

Hello, Mlizer,


Congratulations on your new home! Getting a brand-new washer and dryer can be very exciting and Best Buy thanks you for your purchase. I understand how this experience with your deliveries and installation for your purchase could be taking away from that excitement you were initially feeling. We appreciate that you joined our community to share with us.


It sounds like your local Best Buy may have escalated your experience to our Geek Squad Client Care team for further review. Given the slight delay in our response, are there any new developments? If you’re still in need of assistance, can you please send us a private message with your full name, phone number and email address? A private message can be sent our way by choosing the blue “Private Message” button within my signature.



Mariah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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