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Best Buy Geek Squad Claim# {removed per forum guidelines}

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Best Buy Geek Squad guy named George {removed per forum guidelines} came out to my home to install a ring doorbell.  When I made the appointment, I told the Geek Squad that we have a whole house intercom system connected to our doorbell.  George was overly confident that he knew how to make the Ring Doorbell work with our existing home intercom system (which should have been my indication that he was clueless).  George drilled out a bigger hole in the stucco on my home so that I am unable to reinstall my old doorbell.  George was unable to install the ring doorbell.  I had to hire an electrician and a handyman to make repairs to everything that was damaged by George.  George filed a claim with Sedgewick which was assigned to Joshua {removed per forum guidelines}.  I have emailed both Joshua {removed per forum guidelines} and his boss Andrew {removed per forum guidelines} numerous times.  Each time that I call Sedgewick, I am on the hold for several hours and Joshua and Andrew are never available so I am forced to leave a message that is never returned.  Sedgewick Insurance will NOT return phone calls or emails after numerous attempts.  In my most recent e-mail was bounced back as Joshua {removed per forum guidelines} - the claims adjustor's e-mail address at Sedgewick is no longer valid.  Hopefully, Joshua {removed per forum guidelines} was fired!  Clearly Sedgewick's strategy is to ignore cliams so that they do not have to be paid.  This is super frustrating as it feel like Best Buy Geek Squad and Sedgewick don't care about their customers!  Best Buy Geek Squad are able to damage your home and simply just walk away and never return phone calls or emails.  

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Re: Best Buy Geek Squad Claim# {removed per forum guidelines}



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I appreciate you taking the time to write us regarding your refund. I would be reaching out to someone if I was experiencing the same thing. I have received your private message, and will follow up with you there.



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Re: Best Buy Geek Squad Claim# {removed per forum guidelines}

So far, I cannot get anyone to respond to anything.  No one at Sedgewick or Best Buy will take ownership of my claim.