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Best Buy Failure: Appliance Delivery/Customer Service [Warning to all customers]

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We would like to submit a formal complaint (Order Number: {removed per forum guidelines} regarding the abhorrent appliance/delivery process that I imagine many of your customers are experiencing after the recent Black Friday deals, especially given that your Resolution Call Center wait times are currently over an hour for both customers AND the in-store employees of Pasadena, CA who tried in futility to assist us by escalating our issues to corporate. We spent hours in-person and over the phone with Best Buy teams (Geek Squad, Technical Support, Resolution Center, third-party dispatch contractors) awaiting the delivery of several basic in-home appliances - including a fridge. To not understand the urgency of lacking a fundamental tool within a new home that provides food, then simply pushing out the delivery multiple times for nearly a month, frankly demonstrates a lack of basic human decency. Based on the negative feedback from your complaint forum, this was an absolute mistake in purchasing from a fragmented company that has zero agility to respond to customers' case-by-base needs.


To date, from the initial order on 11/21 (that was re-ordered on 11/24 because the online system did not register our Black Friday gift cards) we had two failed attempts of delivery on 11/29 then 12/6; and just found out the special “small truck” order form was only submitted on 12/7 after an in-store employee assisted us; despite the fact the delivery note was added since the 11/29 attempt about needing a smaller truck.  We are now expected to receive the appliances on Thursday 12/12 with installation 12/13 putting us at almost one month without a functioning fridge, dishwasher, washer/dryer, and stove. 


Our ZLine stove on the other hand, was actually delivered by the manufacturer, and although they also missed their first scheduled delivery on Wednesday 12/4; they apologized profusely and put us FIRST on their delivery schedule the next day Thursday 12/5 - as any attentive, logical, and customer-oriented establishment should. 


The nightmare we've experienced with Best Buy thus far includes, but is not limited to: 


  • Two missed delivery attempts that included the driver dispatcher deliberately not answering our phone call 
  • Not submitting a "Small Truck" request after the first attempt despite a notification on record for this need
  • Between 11-12 hours of calls/wait times by phone and over 4 hours in-store with associates troubleshooting (not including the hours spent by the in-store representatives themselves)
  • Two rescheduled dates and invoices totally over $875 of our personal contractor who must do a custom installation of our dishwasher 
  • Family members coordinating their schedules to accommodate delivery times 
  • Weeks without a fridge for fresh food and hundreds of dollars in food spoilage; on top of additional high costs for outside meals for a family and children
  • Time off work for both my husband and I 
After the first failed delivery on 11/29 the call center promised us between $200-$350 in gift cards for our inconvenience; then later encouraged us to also submit additional claims for calculated food spoilage losses and expenditures etc. after all our appliances were hopefully delivered. 
This still would not begin to adequately remedy the level of inconvenience and disrespect we’ve felt from these lack of results. 
Your nationwide customers do not deserve this disservice; nor do your competitors who, per our lawyer reviewing your extensive complaint forum, could reasonably perceive these as class-action misrepresentation/fraud and anti-trust violations for promising faster, expedient delivery times that you systematically do not fulfill then eventually exceed the refund/return window.  Black Friday order influx should be anticipated then planned and not be used as an excuse for your company’s lack of preparation and inefficient distribution channels. 
As long-standing and loyal customers for decades, we are deeply disappointed with this experience and could never in good conscience recommend appliance purchases to our loved ones with Best Buy again.  Despite our joy of our first home buying purchase, we regretfully consider our decision to trust Best Buy's false, misleading claims as the only downside of this process. 
Thank you for your professional and kind attention to this urgent matter.
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Re: Best Buy Failure: Appliance Delivery/Customer Service [Warning to all customers]

Hello, sjserrano,


Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums, and congratulations on that new home. I'm sorry that the appliance delivery experience put a damper on that.


I'm hopeful that your appliances have been delivered since you make this post. If they haven't, I noted the name on that order doesn't match up with the initial you provided when registering. If you need additional help,w e'll need to speak with the original purchaser under our Privacy Policy.If the delivery has not been completed, the store where you placed your order will be your best resource for help.


If it is complete, please call our Geek Squad Client Care team at (800) 304-1259. Out post-delivery support will work with you to make sure everything is right with those appliances.



Kyle R|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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