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Best Buy Continues to Disappoint Me

I keep telling myself, when I make another purchase at your stores, that it will get better. But, it doesn't. 


Case in point:


I walked in to buy a refrigerator last week. All semed well. Got the model we wanted at a good price (not better, though, than Home Depot or Lowes). At the time of purchase, we identified that the delivery address was wrong and what the corrected address was. Unfortunately, that was not carried out by the sales person. So, when I took off work for several hours to be home the following Monday for delivery, imagine my shock when we discovered while talking with the delivery driver, that they were at the wrong address.


Frustration +1.


Okay, that delivery was cancelled and a new one was set. Only, they didn't really do much to ensure I knew about the new delivery day and time (today). It was just left on a voice mail, which I never received notification for and only found this morning when looking through my VMs for something. So I scrambled, taking off another couple of hours to be home. Well, the fridge showed up. The. Wrong. Fridge.


Frustration +100


The delivery guys blamed it on the warehouse, the warehouse blamed it on gremlins. Whatever. So I eventually got to work and spent an hour or so on the phone, being bounced around between Geek Squad reps, until I got to someone at the store where I purchased the fridge. I think it was a manager. He captured all of my concerns and escaleted to the store GM. He said there was an SLA of 4 hours on this type of esclation. Great, I thought, this might actually get resolved today.'s now about 7 hours later and, yup, you guessed it, no call from the GM.




What the hell BB? Why do I spend money at your stores when you continue to disappoint me at every step of the way? Is there anyone out there in BB support land that can get this addressed in a timely fashion?

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Re: Best Buy Continues to Disappoint Me

Hi, jnthibeault, 


Thanks for taking the time to connect with us on the Forums and share your experience!


Getting a new appliance should be exciting and now something that causes stress and frustrations. I would be wanting to get this taken care of just as quickly as you are so that I could get the new fridge I'd purchased in my home.


As of now, what is the current status of your order? We're happy to do what we can to work with you on making sure that this is taken care of and resolved for you as quickly as possible. 



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