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Been trying for days to get a manager call back - reaching breaking point

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Hi --


I can't speak to a member of management no matter what I try. My wife has considerable health issues and after our refrigerator died I ordered from Bestbuy because they had the item I wanted and could deliver in just a few days.


The first appointment last Monday, we waited anxiously for the item to arrive, having gotten confirmation it was out for delivery. At the end of the window I find out that the driver documented "customer not home." This was a patent falsehood, as my wife and I waited for the full four hours, received no phone calls, no knocks, no door bells, and we didn't hear a truck drive down our quiet street. 

Requested escalation from delivery manager and customer service manager. As I said my wife has a health condition and her body cannot regulate temperature so we need cold water, ice, etc for her. 

I rescheduled for the first available which was Saturday (I had to call to reschedule because the delivery driver who lied about attempting delivery only cancelled the fridge and hookup kit, not the paid services to haul away the old fridge and connect the new one (and those were scheduled but not for any date and time, so couldn't be rescheduled via the web interface) 


The 48 hours came and went and I received no phone calls or other communication from management. I called again last Friday to once again request a call for management. I'm supremely insulted about someone misrepresenting their own lack of effort as me not being available. 

Item was attempted to be delivered on last Saturday per schedule, team unboxed the item and it had clear damage to the front of the fridge, the doors wouldn't close, etc. Their opinion was that it had been dropped or had forklift damage from the warehouse . Though I know as recently as a couple of years ago items were inspected in each truck bay during staging before being loaded into the truck. 

Driver texted me he requested BB call me due to the issues. No call. On Monday I called to get once again schedule the delivery, now it is scheduled for Friday, they couldn't get me a sooner date, and once again asked for manager escalation and a callback. 

In the interim I've had to buy ice every three days for my wife's health, and since she is severely immunocompromised, I've had to order delivery, additionally because we can't store real food in ice chests easily, I've also had to order delivery meals in lieu of cooking. On average about 7 dollars a day for ice, and a difference between cooking and delivery of 25 dollars a day. By Friday this will be about 500 dollars minimum. This doesn't count the cost of other items from the grocery store we normally don't buy, or extra orders and fees for deliveries which we don't frequently make. 

This is unacceptable and I still haven't gotten a call from management. I'm close to adding BB to the small list of companies that will never receive money from me or anybody living in my household. 

This post is a last ditch effort to receive communications from a member of corporate or management. Next step is going to be looking up the filer of the FTC yearly report and calling them, I'm sure they won't appreciate it but since there is no way to communicate with anyone else, I'm left with little recourse. 

Please contact me so we get can get a resolution to this terrible experience



Austin {removed per forum guidelines}

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Re: Been trying for days to get a manager call back - reaching breaking point

Good afternoon, Austin,


Thank you for reaching out to us here on our community forums. Having had a refrigerator go out in the past, I know that it makes every day more difficult than needed and I know if I were in your shoes I would want to get this delivery completed as quickly as possible. I'm disappointed to hear that our phone agents have been unable to resolve this and would be glad to see how I may be able to assist you.


You mentioned that this delivery was rescheduled to Friday, is that correct? Were you able to get this refrigerator delivered? Please let me know, I would be glad to review what options I have to help you moving forward to get this delivery as quickly as possible.



AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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