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Bad installation destroyed cabinets, stove and vent

I bought a microwave from Best Buy and had installation done by the Geek Squad. The guy drop the microwave down onto my brand new stove and dented the stainless steel and scratched it. Then he cut his hand destroying my vent hood out through the roof inside the cabinet but never found any Workmen’s Comp. claim because he didn’t wanna get in trouble or admit that he made a mistake. They also tore up the cabinet in which the van went through and left all the sawdust and mess not only in the cabinet but on top of the microwave and the tray that pulls out catch steam coming off the stove. Worse he didn’t even set up the microwave vent out the back and it was venting out the front and going all over the cabinet fronts. It was so bad that I filed a claim and it goes to Sedgwick. Mind you this was back in December that I found this claim. They never returned phone calls they never returned emails and then a supervisor finally called me and said he would ask the guy if this happened and I told him the guy was going to lie because he’d already lied to the other two claim people I had already spoken to. He said he call me back he never did and then I got a letter they denied the entire claim. Unbelievable because I spent thousands at Best Buy every year. They even had pictures and video of the damage done and still did nothing about it. Then I called the store talk to the appliance manager who escalated it to a lady named Dolores. This person has never once contacted me and after calling almost every single day I keep being assured that somebody will call me back and take care of this issue. However I never get a call back now I am waiting on a call because I’m going all the way up to the CEO. The geek squad sucks I have always Had problems with them and will never ever hire them again to do anything. As a matter fact I’ll do my shopping and Best Buy but I won’t buy from them I will just get the knowledge I need and then come home and order it on and have somebody else install it if necessary but my relationship with BEST BUY will be over. It cost me over $2000 to replace my cabinets have them fix the microwave vent out the back, fix the vent but nothing could be done about the dent or scratches on my my new stove. I will no longer purchase products from Best Buy. I will see what I want , go home and order on amazon. I’m fed up with the geek squad and Best Buy. No customer service even when they are responsible for damages to your home or products. Filing a claim with Sedgwick is a joke. They don’t return phone calls or emails, lie to you then deny the claim. This has been going on for six months.
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Re: Bad installation destroyed cabinets, stove and vent

Hello, Techchick1025,

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Thank you for taking time out of your day to share your feedback and perspective with us. My understanding is that any decisions that are made by Sedgwick in regards to claims are considered final. We would not be able to provide you with a different outcome to the claim through the Best Buy Forums. If you have any questions about the claim denial notification that you received, please connect with Sedgwick at (855) 832-1138. They currently accept calls 8am - 4pm CST, Monday - Friday.


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Re: Bad installation destroyed cabinets, stove and vent

Oh how I already know that. I just wanted to add to all the other complaints regarding Best Buy service.