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Bad experience

I had purchased all my appliances from Best Buy 3 years back. My fridge stopped working 15 days back. I called Best Buy and the earliest they could send someone to look over was in 7 days. So I waited for 7 days. The Geek Squad guy came and said that the compressor is bad and because I had waited for 7 days already, Best Buy would do an exchange. My wife and I selected a new fridge 2 days later and were given a date 6 days later for the installation of the new fridge and removal of the old fridge.


I got an email every day last week reminding me about the appointment. Today (which is the 15th day without the fridge), I received an email saying the delivery guy is on his way and will be at my home at 10:45 am. He did not show up so I called Best Buy to find out what happened.


Here is when things became bizarre from worse. I was told that the guy who had entered my order only scheduled the return and not the install even though the receipt I have shows today's date for the delivery. So the guy who is "supposedly" on the way will only take my old fridge and he does not have my new fridge on the truck. So I asked the customer rep where the fridge was and she told me that fridge is not in the warehouse and it is still in the store so the earliest she can schedule an install is 3 days later but she cannot promise the same date for the removal. I told her I cannot have 2 fridges at the same time so do not cancel the return and let the guy who is "supposedly" en route to pick up the old fridge. She said OK and assured me that the old fridge will be hauled away today. I called the Best Buy store directly and I was told by them that the fridge is not in the store and it is already at the warehouse. So no one really knows where the fridge is.


Now it is 8 PM and no one showed up so the old fridge is still here. I am now worried when the delivery and removal is going to happen. I have no confidence that I will get a fridge on Monday. It will be a minimum of 18 days before I can get a replacement fridge and with a family of 6, this is turning into a nightmare.

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Re: Bad experience

Greetings, pagar2000!


Welcome to the forums! I appreciate you taking the time to write us about your refrigerator replacement experience. I have 4 boys at home myself, and when Irma hit us last year, we had no power for 5 days, which meant no refrigerator and it was horrible. I can’t begin to imagine exchanging yours for a new one and not being able to have it in a timely fashion. I am more than happy to look into this for you.


In order to better assist you, I’ll need to get some more info from you. Will you please private message me with your order number, full name, address, phone number, and the e-mail connected to your Best Buy account?


To send a private message please click on the button at the bottom of my post across from my name.


Thanks for posting,

Deysha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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