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Bad experience with service chat

I just had my first experience with the customer service chat and have to say, that was appalling. I was sent the wrong product and just wanted Best Buy to fix the mistake. I requested an exchange with expedited shipping. What I experienced was a complete run around with the agent refusing to even answer if the product was in stock.

The only solution I was offered for shipping would take an additional 8 days to get the product I ordered. When I asked if expedited shipping was an option I was told “the product is not available before the date” and the “agent” would not answer whether that meant it was out of stock.

Additionally the agent responded to my question about expedited shipping with “ If we had an option, we would have definitely helped you in the first place, this chat wouldn't have gone for so long.” Which is an inexcusable tone to take with a customer.

After I recognized that speaking with this agent was going in circles I accepted the only proposed solution and then asked for a manager. At that time I was told that they don’t have access to put me in touch with a manger, and gave me an incomplete phone number to call if I wanted to try to talk to a manager.

I was already disappointed with receiving the wrong product and then the lack of customer support to get it resolved just made the situation more frustrating. This behavior is unacceptable and I hope that Best Buy takes a deep look into their service practices, as they are severely lacking right now.
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Re: Bad experience with service chat

Hi, Jcharteris,


Thank you for joining the Forums and for connecting with us here.


I am sorry to hear you did not reach the support you needed through chat, and would be happy to take a look at the order issue and see how I can help. To begin, please send me a private message with the order number, as well as your full name, phone number, and email address. You can send me a private message by logging into the Forums and clicking the blue button across from my signature on this post.



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