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Bad experience with Appliance Delivery and Installation. Beyond frustrated!

TLSmiley Very HappyR this is a complaint about Best Buy's appliance installation service.


I purchased a Washer and Dryer with installation and all recommended equipment on 4/18/2021. Delivery and installation was originally scheduled for two months out because of stock issues. Best Buy notified me when my items were available sooner, and delivery/installation was rescheduled for 5/15/2021. 


On 5/15/2021 the installation team arrived and asked me in person, "Did you purchase a dryer vent? They only gave us one vent this morning, and we used it on another installation." Not sure who "they" is, but the installer told me I would have to reschedule the installation to another day and they'll bring a vent next time. I rescheduled installation for 5/20/2021, and I called Geek Squad three days prior to make sure the installation crew would bring a vent. At that point I was told there were two notes on my account to make sure the installers provide a vent.


In a truly shocking turn of events, come 5/20/2021 the installer calls me and says he is 15 min away, but he doesn't have a dryer vent so I'll have to reschedule for another day. They will bring a vent next time (smile). Despite my internal screaming, I calmly told the installer I still want them to come and I will drive to Best Buy and buy a vent right now, it'll take me 30 min. tops. We get off the phone, I think everything is fine... But 2 hours later the installers haven't showed up. 


I call Geek Squad and ask for a status update on my installation. It's takes the rep. 10 minutes to get in touch with the installation company, who I now suspect are experts at ghosting customers, and eventually she gets an answer from them. "We told the customer to reschedule since they don't have a vent." Ah yes, makes sense. I must have told the installer I will drive to Best Buy right now, in order to have a vent for installation 4 days later, in the event that the installers show up without a vent for the third time in a row. After the rep. talks to them, they assure her they will come back to my house in about an hour and install my washer and dryer.


You'll be surprised to learn the installers never showed up. I call Geek Squad, again, and the rep. calls the installation company, again, to verify the status. The status update is, drum roll please... I need to reschedule because they don't have a dyer vent. If I weren't too busy crying in frustration, maybe I'd laugh. After "venting" my frustratings to the young man on the phone (bless his heart), he offers to schedule me with a different installation company (yes, please). But at the end of the day, all this frustration, multiple phone calls, wasted time, and all I have to show for it is a big fat "sorry 'bout that."


Where's the accountability? Can I get something more for my trouble than just a "sorry"?

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Re: Bad experience with Appliance Delivery and Installation. Beyond frustrated!

Welcome to our community, kittenboops,


Thank you for reaching out to us. A new washer and dryer would be a great addition to any home. As a new parent, I can understand how vital in-home laundry can be, and I can understand your concern if there have been circumstances beyond your control that has led to multiple missed appointments. It's not the kind of experience that we want to deliver, and I wanted to thank you for bringing this to our attention.


I’d be happy to take a deeper look into the situation and go over our options. To get started, can you please send me a private message with your full name, email address, and phone number? You can send me a private message by logging into the forum and clicking on the blue button across from my signature on this post.

Scott|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Bad experience with Appliance Delivery and Installation. Beyond frustrated!

Thanks, I messaged you yesterday, Scott.


I logged into this morning and refreshed my order page. To my surprise, it said I needed to schedule an appointment for my dryer installation. Apparently the Geek Squad representative from yesterday only scheduled an appointment for my washer. 


After doing live chat with customer service, they were able to combine my services into one appointment. I'm irritated I had to double-check this and have it fixed.


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Re: Bad experience with Appliance Delivery and Installation. Beyond frustrated!

My washer and dryer are still not fully installed. I tried to message Scott / Jenni, but it says I've hit the limit of sending private messages.


The installers showed up today at noon and said the dryer power cord was missing among the equipment. So I went to purchase a dryer cord at the local Best Buy, and while I'm at the store my husband calls me and tells me the installers said the stacking kit was missing the bag of screws required for install.


I tried calling Geek Squad at 12:30 p.m. The rep. put me on hold so she could "conference in a sales rep." then hung up on me after 20 minutes.


So... I need a new stacking kit, a fourth installation appointment, a refund for the dryer cord, and something better than a "sorry" from Best Buy for this nightmare of a purchase.


If a customer has arrived in this forum, it's probably already too late... but a word of caution: DO NOT BUY MAJOR APPLIANCES FROM BEST BUY. I used to prefer to support this company because it made me sad seeing local Best Buys around the country go out of business. Never again.